By Raymond Benson, KMCO Abia LIFE-ND

On its determined effort to combat the deteriorating conditions of our ecosystem, the Abia State Livelihood Improvement Family Enterprises, Niger Delta, (LIFE-ND), has, using the locally sourced materials, introduced a bio-digester equipment, for renewable energy in Niger Delta region.

In a step down training conducted for the project beneficiaries, the Climate Change Specialist, Mr. Chidozie Kanu, confirmed that the introduction of the bio-digester equipment was to maximize the better use of organic wastes in our environment to generate methane gas, a source of energy for the preparation of our meals in the Niger Niger Delta region.

PHOTO: Chidozie Kanu, Climate Change Specialist, teaching the participants.

Speaking to the participants, Mr. Kanu said that the essence of the bio-digester equipment was to utilize the organic wastes like, pig, cattle and poultry droppings, including cassava peels and rice husks and other food remnants, to generate methane, locally known as “cooking gas” as renewable energy.

Speaking on the essence, Mr. Kanu stressed that,
“We want to reduce the already declining forest, because that is a source of our energy: cutting down trees to make fire for our cooking and other purposes have given a negative impact in our ecosystem. There’s already pressure on the forest.”

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Demonstrating the process of constructing the bio-digester equipment, he said that the materials are cheap and affordable to the locals which every household can afford.

PHOTO: Chidozie Kanu, Climate Change Specialist, Demonstrating the process of constructing the bio-digester equipment

According to him,
“It only requires some measure of container. It must be made to be air-tight because it’s an anearobic reaction that doesn’t need oxygen for the generation of methane gas from the wastes, which we abundantly have in our communities and incubation centers.”

PHOTO: Chidozie Kalu Demonstrating the use of the equipment

In the demonstration, Mr. Kanu justified bio-digester equipment by igniting the gas from the equipment which showed a bluish flame ready for a possible meal to be prepared.

In a related development, the Financial Inclusion Specialists, Mr. Lucky Ubani, emphasized on the judicious management of loans and condemned the practice of financial recklessness, advising that loans should be used for its objective rather than personal pleasures.

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PHOTO: Mr. Lucky Ubani , the Financial Inclusion Specialists.

He identified Agric-friendly banks operate on single digit interest, adding that the Bank of Agriculture, (BOA), and the Nigerian Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending, (NIRSAL), would always encourage agribusiness.

Also, the Nutrition Mainstreaming Specialist Mrs. Chioma Obasi encouraged the participants to continue to create nutrition mainstreaming awareness in the communities, adding that eating fruits and vegetables would always fill vitamin gaps that would eradicate sicknesses and diseases, especially the bio-fortifed orange-fleshed potatoe and cassava which have properties for good sightedness.

A female participant, Odichinma Uruakpa of Fortune Well, Ikeala Mbutu, Isiala Ngwa South LGA, said that she had acquired the knowledge of planting potatoes, giving the vines 20 cm space during planting.

PHOTO: Odichinma Uruakpa participant.

The training was conducted on September 8, 2022, with the project component staff in attendance.

PHOTO: Group Photo of participants and staff members.
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