In a bid to ensure the implementation of information communication technology(ICT) in the improvement and development of agricultural activities, the Livelihood Improvement Family Enterprise(LIFE-ND), Abia coordinating office has taken the initiative to train her beneficiaries on the use of ICT in promoting agro business and activities.

The 13 beneficiaries undergoing the training at Innovation Growth Hub(igHub) are youths drawn from various Abia communities and equiped with brand new laptop to enhance their training. The training is taking place at Aba and scheduled to last for 30 days.

PHOTO: Beneficiaries of the Agro Technology Training.

The students are been trained on various agricultural value chain such as poultry sales, seed bank, palm oil sales, land bank, online farm marketing and drone services.

Photo: Students Students receiving lectures in class.

Speaking to newsmen about the training on Friday, the CEO, igHub, Engr. Daniel Chinagozie, said his “organization is poised to find innovative people to add value to them through the application of technology.”

PHOTO: Engr. Daniel Chinagozie, the CEO, igHub

He also holds the view that the use of technology has not been explored and implemented to tackle agricultural challenges, distribution and marketing. Thus, there’s a need to train youths to explore that area.

Engr. Daniel also assured that the trainees will leave igHub as agric entrepreneurs because they will have their ideas generated around the agricultural space and basic technology skills to run any agricultural tech organizations.

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“They go through their ideas generation, they build their product, they know how to pick their products and know how to sell them. That’s what they are doing within this 30 days. They will acquire the technology skills to run any agricultural organization.” Engr. Daniel said.

Mr. Theo Jethro the Chief Technical Officer of igHub, also the instructor of the agro technology training in a chat with newsmen also added that it has been a great time with the trainees and they have built up their business ideas, namely; business model canvas, graphic designs, digital marketing, copywriting for their business products etc. In affirming the beneficiaries zeal to learn, Jethro said “they are normally measured by the task given to them on daily basis.”

PHOTO: Mr. Theo Jethro the Chief Technical Officer of igHub and the instructor of the agro technology training

Jethro also assured that after their graduation from the training, the beneficiaries will be tech savvy and be able to support other agric entrepreneurs.

Glory Chibuike a beneficiary of the Palm Oil sales training expressed joy been part of the beneficiaries of the training.

PHOTO: Glory Chibuike a beneficiary of the Palm Oil sales training

Glory also affirmed that the training is giving her opportunity to become a better person. Glory revealed that she chose oil palm sales as her area of training because she wants to assist oil palm farmers by means of technology to enhance oil palm sales. She also affirmed that she is practically learning all skills and knowledge to carry out her project in the agro technology field.

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Eze Solomon another beneficiary undergoing training in the area of online farm marketing also expressed joy been part of the training. Eze explained that he has learnt a lot so far such as basic business model canvas, basic business ideas using micro screening, basic design, copy writing digital marketing etc.

PHOTO: Eze Solomon, a beneficiary undergoing training in the area of online farm marketing

Eze explained that he is passionate in acquiring agro technology training because he has seen the benefits of using technology to promote and market agro commodities.

“Most farmers today don’t know about digital marketing, that is why we will help them create that awareness with technology in the digital space.” Eze said.

The LIFE-ND Project is being funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development(IFAD). The project is ongoing in the nine Niger-Delta States.

Also involved in the project is the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, The Federal Ministry of Finance, budget and National Planning, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), and the United Nations.

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