Workers Of Golden Guinea Breweries PLC Protest Over 7 Months Unpaid Salaries


Worker of Golden Guinea Breweries PLC on Tuesday in Umuahia, Abia State protested over seven months unpaid Salaries.

The worker who were seen standing behind the company’s gate refused to go work lamenting how they have been treated badly by the management.

PHOTO: protesting workers at Golden Guinea Breweries PLC, Umuahia.

One of the workers who spoke to said they have been working without given appointment letter for the past three years. That they were only given identify card that has only three months validity period to identify a staff but never called for proper staff documentation.

“As it stands now we don’t have any documentation with the company that shows that we are staff members of Golden Guinea Breweries PLC. A lamenting staff said.

Another staff who also spoke said “some of us have been here for the past four years. They gave us appointment letter in August 2019, they latter withdrew that appointment letter and told us they will give us another one, up till now they haven’t. They have been owning us stipends not salary. They have sacked so many of us and they told us that we can’t do anything. We don’t call it salary because we haven’t been properly documented as a staff.

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“Even the stipends they were paying, they told us that they are going to open a pension trust fund for us. We told them this is not the way they do it. Pension are been withdrawn from salaries not from stipends but they refused and insisted that they should and they did it. Up till now we haven’t received any alert from pension board.”

The protesting workers alleged that their money have been diverted for the use on their private business.

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“We have been demanding for our stipends but they kept on giving us date that was never realizable.

“So many of our workers are dying because of hunger. We are here to demonstrate our grievances against the management we have here, they have turned the workers we have here to slaves. We are working like elephant and eating like ant.”

The protesting workers pleaded with management to do the right thing so that they can go back to work.

Several efforts made to gain entrance to the facility to speak to any member of the management staff proved abortive as the entrance gate was under lock and key and the protesting workers in chorus “said they are not on sit”.


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