The dust raised by the role a former Abia Local Government, LG Chairman from the Central Senatorial Zone of the State played in instigating a messy divorce between a once happy couple is yet to settle down even as more facts has emerged buttressing allegations that the randy politician practically wrote the script that tore the marriage into shreds.

Out of two witnesses, a matter is established, says the Holy Book. In the matter of the messy divorce case instigated by the former LGA chairman, three witnesses have revealed that indeed the former LG Chairman was the sole author and producer of the drama that has engulfed a once happy home. Our reporter spoke extensively with the driver of the Lady at the centre of the mess; Her biological brother and a painter that works for the family, and from their revelations, we established an intimate relationship between the former LG boss, all confirming our last report, with additional revelations

The Lady’s younger brother confirmed acquaintances with the randy politician whom he said his sister introduced to him as ‘’her godfather”.

After the introduction, he added that the former LG boss cajoled him to always be around his in-law’s house to protect his sister, that he (the Chairman) will be giving him money to do his bidding.

Asked whether his brother-inlaw and his sister were having problems before he met the LG boss, he replied in the negative.

The youngman maintained that he could have been under a spell or simply deceived by the regular huge sums of money he was receiving on regular basis from the politician. He narrated how he woke up one morning to receive an alert of N100,000 from the politician who later called him and instructed him to park his brother inlaw’s properties to an address in Victoria Island.

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He told our reporter that, the scale fell off of his eyes, when he suspected that the “godfather” status has turned to amorous relationship and taken a dangerous dimension as he later overheard the politician instructing his sister to grab all she could from her husband’s home and flee because the husband had concluded plans to bring back his first wife, a story he found out later were all lies.

‘’In fact, that so called LG Chairman destroyed my sister’s marriage by manipulating her against her husband and I reported same to my family”, he concluded.

The driver to the Lady who has worked with the family for about 4 years said he began to notice changes in what he thought was a political relationship after the election. He explained that before then, he would drive his Madam to the ex-Chairman’s family house, somewhere in Aba and they will go inside the building – just the two of them for several hours while he would sit at the gate with the security guards. He said he initially thought nothing about it as the ex Chairman regularly showered him with huge amounts of money during such visits and sometimes, through money transfer, but he began to get suspicious as the visits became more frequent and always with only between two of them in his matrimonial home, and maybe because, his family is said to be living outside the country. I began to wonder how a responsible man could be bringing another man’s wife to his family house ?

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He added that his suspicions were further spiked by the video calls he often noticed between his Madam and the man, which often goes on for several hours when the husband is not at home

‘’Even when driving Madam, they will be talking non-stop on the phone for hours and be calling each other pet names”, the driver said. He further disclosed that the politician instructed his Madam to disconnect the car tracker, an instruction he had executed on the orders of his madam twice.

Our reporter has so far been able to corroborate the revelations with phone chats and bank transactions in our possession.

In the course of the investigations, the former Chairman was confronted with the allegations, with pieces of evidence, but he arrogantly queried why he is being called out alone. He boasted that he is only one of the many lovers of the Lady and named a former member of the House of Assembly, who was also a former Commissioner in the State who once gifted her N3m? He also mentioned another serving lawmaker, and a bigtime telephone dealer based in Lagos.

Note: The part three will blow your mind as we are going to bring to your reading delight video interviews

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