Charity Eke , popular Nollywood actress, also known as Chacha Eke, has welcomed a child with her husband, Austine Faani amid reports that their marriage crashed due to domestic violence.

Chacha had in a viral video announced that her marriage to her husband had ended.

Although, she did not give details of what led to the end of her marriage, the mother of two said she was leaving the 7-year-old union while she’s still alive.

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This led to the rumours that she suffered domestic violence in the marriage.

Following the development, the actress in a video denied claims that her husband beats her.

She further stated that she was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder which was attributed to her pregnancy and that she was receiving treatment at a hospital in Delta State.

However, the Actress on Saturday took to her Instagram account to announce that the family had welcomed a baby girl.

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“I am the one that the lord has blessed tremendously.

“The almighty continues to increase us from every side. Thank you lord for colouring our world with the arrival of our baby.

“We love you our little queen. Your coming has blessed our souls and favoured our family greatly,” she wrote.

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