BY Kingsley Alozie

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Nigeria, established with the aim of conducting free and fair elections, has faced intense criticism following its failure to ensure a transparent electoral process. Continuous challenges, ranging from logistical mishaps to allegations of corruption, have marred the credibility of elections held under INEC’s supervision. This article delves into INEC’s recent shortcomings, highlights the consequences of its failures, and explores the need for urgent reforms.

Inadequate Logistical Preparation:

One of the primary reasons behind INEC’s failure is its consistent struggle with logistical challenges. Reports of delayed distribution of election materials, malfunctioning voter card readers/ BIVAS, and inadequate polling station setups have often led to long queues and disenfranchisement of voters. These issues not only undermine citizen trust in the electoral process but also raise concerns about the efficiency and capability of INEC to handle electoral logistics effectively.

Allegations of Partisanship and Bias:

INEC has faced severe accusations of partisan behavior and bias during elections. Critics argue that the commission has favored specific political parties, compromising the level playing field and casting doubts over the credibility of election results. The perception of partiality erodes public confidence in INEC’s ability to operate independently, further deteriorating democratic values and obstructing a fair representation of people’s choices in governance.

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Corruption and Vote Buying:

Vote buying and allegations of corruption have been significant concerns during Nigeria’s elections. INEC’s failure to curb these practices has raised questions about its commitment to upholding democratic values. Instances of political parties distributing cash and other incentives to voters have swayed election outcomes and undermined the integrity and legitimacy of INEC’s electoral processes. The persistence of these practices exacerbates citizens’ frustration and pushes the electoral system towards a perilous path.

The Consequences and Impact on Democracy:

INEC’s inability to deliver credible elections has far-reaching consequences for democracy in Nigeria. When citizens lose faith in the electoral process, they are more likely to disengage from political participation or resort to alternatives that undermine stability. Consequently, the participation and representation of diverse voices decline, hindering progress, development, and inclusive governance. The repercussions of INEC’s failure go beyond individual elections, as the erosion of democratic principles strikes at the very heart of Nigeria’s growth and prosperity.

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The Urgent Need for Reforms:

To restore public trust and uphold the sanctity of electoral processes, comprehensive reforms within INEC are crucial. Strengthening logistics management, enhancing transparency, and promoting accountability are imperative to building a resilient electoral system. INEC must also prioritize efforts to tackle corruption and vote buying, collaborating with relevant stakeholders and adopting technology-driven approaches to monitor and enforce transparency in campaign financing and election spending.


The failure of INEC to execute transparent and credible elections in Nigeria has raised significant concerns about its ability to uphold democratic values and ensure citizen confidence in the electoral process. The logistical challenges, allegations of bias, corruption, and vote buying undermine the integrity and legitimacy of election outcomes. Urgent reforms are necessary to address these shortcomings, restoring faith in INEC’s ability to conduct free and fair elections, thereby strengthening democracy and promoting inclusive governance in Nigeria.

Article Prepared by:

Kingsley Alozie, a practicing Journalist and political Affairs Analyst.

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