Africans and Caribbeans across the world will soon enjoy brotherly love following the birth of Africcareb International Club. Inc (AIC), a non governmental organisation, which will be launched in three countries in 2022.

The organisation which will directly and indirectly solve some of the socio-economic problems in African and Caribbean countries will be launched in Canada, United Kingdom and Nigeria, with its headquarters in New York, USA.

This was made known in a statement by the president of AIC, Chief Tennyson E. Oseaga.

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Chief Oseaga, a US based Nigerian professional, says members of the group comprise citizens of African and Caribbean countries.

He says “the group was formed to bring together all of our families to the table of oneness and to establish an ongoing spirit of being our brother’s and sister’s keeper in good and bad times.”

According to him, the group will engage in the well being of members via communication and interaction.

“To commit to the welfare of the activities and news from our home countries.”

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“To be part of the voice of our countries, to uphold and showcase the values of our cultural heritage.”

He says more importantly, Africcarib International Club, with the slogan; Beauty In Unity And Power, was formed to create an atmosphere where members embrace each other as one people with the goal of empowerment and true justice, adding that the club is open for people of African and Caribbean origin who desire to join as members.


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