By Chimezie Ozems

When Ted Turner, American media mogul and conservationist, founded the Cable News Network (CNN) in Atlanta in 1980, most Americans were sceptical about the project.

The sceptics who christened the medium “Chicken News Network”, wondered the possibility of having a television channel solely devoted to news broadcast.

As it’s usually said, the rest is history and today, everyone that matters globally, wants to appear or interviewed on CNN.

Ted Turner wasn’t able to achieve the feat of establishing the first all news television channel in the US because he operated in a business friendly environment, but because of his strong vision.

Back home in Abia state, a similar experiment is taking place.

Emenike Iroegbu, a foremost blogger and a media proprietor, is experimenting with the hard copy of his online medium, “All Facts Newspaper”.

Unlike Ted Turner, Emenike, a young adult from Umuasua community in Isuikwuato local government area finds himself in a harsh business environment that kills innovation and ideas.

And that’s why Nigeria was long ago described as a grave yard where people die with their dreams.

But the good news is that both men (Ted and Emenike) have something in common. They have the vision and will to survive in areas where others have failed.

Emenike is fully aware of the challenges facing him. In a country with a poor reading culture, publishing a newspaper is like cultivating the desert.

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The myriad of challenges notwithstanding, Emenike has one thing going for him which I consider as his biggest asset.

I discovered this sterling quality when our path crossed few years ago.

According to the holy book- the Christian Bible, money answerth all things.

Though one needs money to actualise his/her dreams, but Emenike believes that the success of any business venture depends to some extent on the vision of the entrepreneur.

It’s a known fact that countless businesses have failed in the country not necessarily because of insufficient capital, but owing to lack of vision.

This is the same reason Nigeria, a giant with a feet of clay has remained under- developed despite her human and vast natural resources.

In a practical demonstration of the vision and will power to surmount challenges, the All Facts Newspaper hit the newsstands few months ago.

Since its emergence in the nation’s media landscape, All Facts Newspaper has been trying its best to fulfill the three cardinal objectives of journalism; informing, educating and entertaining the reading public.

More importantly, the regional newspaper realises that the best stories ever told whether in the print or broadcast journalism are about the yearnings and aspirations of the people.

And that explains why All Facts Newspaper gives priority to people oriented or human interest stories.

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In Igbo tradition, the arrival or the birth of a new baby is accompanied with shouts of joy.

The new baby in Nigeria’s media landscape, “All Facts Newspaper”, the brain child of Emenike Iroegbu, will be officially unveiled and presented to Abians at a media summit and award ceremony scheduled to hold on Thursday, 9th December, 2021, at Damgrete Hotel, Umuahia.

The talking point of the 2021 media summit is “the role of media in democratic advancement”.

According to the publisher of All Facts Newspaper, Emenike Iroegbu “the theme has become important due to the challenges faced by media professionals in discharging their responsibility”.

This year’s award are in three category; media, humanitarian and personality/organisation awards.

The beauty of the 2021 awards is that winners in the media category will smile home with a flat screen television set in addition to a plaque.

“The media summit/award event was initiated in 2017 with the objective of creating a premium reward system aimed at recognizing outstanding individuals, organisation, training media professionals and discussing issues of public interest” the publisher said.

As the Igbos say “a day that will be good is known from the morning”.

That is how it will continue to be with Emenike Iroegbu and All Facts Newspaper.

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