Normalcy is gradually returning to Elu, Amangwu, Ebem and Ohafia after the internally displaced persons fled to neighbouring villages due to the recent clash between Nigeria Army and unknown gunmen.

An investigation by on Thursday revealed false speculation on social media that lives were lost on both ends.

Giving a first hand account of what actually transpired was three traditional rulers of the 26 villages that made up Ohafia.

The traditional rulers gave an untold account of the tragedy which confirmed that one life was actually lost. Although official statement from the Barracks account that no lives was lost from both ends.

Reports earlier had it that soldiers of 14 Brigade, Army Headquarters, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Barracks, invaded Ohafia in the Ohafia Local Government of Abia State in search of unknown gunmen.

The traditional ruler of Amangwu Anaguka Autonomous Community Ohafia, HRH Eze Dr. Engr. A. A. Obobi in his own narrative revealed that the clash between the Nigeria army and the gunmen caused displacement of indigenes in his community. He however revealed how he succeeded in reaching agreement with the army chief for the safe return of indigenes who were displaced from their community due to the clash.

PHOTO: The traditional ruler of Amangwu Anaguka Autonomous Community Ohafia, HRH Eze Dr. Engr. A. A. Obobi

HRH Eze Obibi explained that all he wanted was peace in his community. He however hinted that trouble started when one of their sons was alleged to have installed what looks like a CCTV camera in an area in the community, also defended to be a solar street light. He was alleged to have installed the gadget to give information to external Bodies about the activities in the community. He was tagged as a one sabotaging the community and got his house burnt by the aggrieved person’s.

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PHOTO: Alleged fittings of the suspected CCTV

Contrary to some media reports on lost of lives during the clash, he said one life was lost. He also gave a first hand narrative of what actually happened.

The house of the traditional ruler was also burnt during the crossfire.

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HRM Ezieogo Elder Emmanuel Kalu Kalu Onugu.
(Ezieogo Asaga Ohafia & Judicial Secretary, Council Of Ohafia Monarchs) in his own account of the incident narrated similar story. He also solicited for peace to return in the community.

PHOTO: HRM Ezieogo Elder Emmanuel Kalu Kalu Onugu.
(Ezieogo Asaga Ohafia & Judicial Secretary, Council Of Ohafia Monarchs)

He recalled previous hospitality given to the army generals ever posted to the Army Barracks in the community.

In his words: “Before now we had a very wonderful and peaceful relationship. The former commander brigadier general that left, I gave him a chieftaincy honour, that is, Ochiagha, which means the warrior general. We gave that chieftaincy award he took to Abuja. If we didn’t have that relationship, the community wouldn’t have given him that title. From the interaction we had with this current gentleman , I believe we will make progress.

“The problem we had here was as a result of crossfire. The soldiers went to look for who shot one of their men. During the crossfire, there became casualties. Because of the crossfire between some people in that community, the natives ran to neighbouring community and they were sheltered.

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The internally displaced person who spoke to also narrated the tragedy but appreciated the host community for their hospitality.

PHOTO: IDPs at neighbouring community

One of the IDPs who spoke said, “I live in Abuja, I just came back to treat my wounded leg, as I was been treated that day, all of a sudden I had gun shots and I ran under the bed, I told my mother to stay on the bed so that when they see her, they will go away because she is an old woman, the roof of our house was falling and we never knew what was actually going on. Houses and vehicles were burnt.

“We later escape as the crossfire was going on and we ran to the bush and slept there for two days and managed to locate this community that accommodated us.

“We are very large in number, they are really feeding us well here. Everybody ran away, no single human remained in the village after the crossfire. They burnt our houses. As am talking to you now if I should hear any gun shot now I will have heavy heart pulse. Am even on medication through the help of a man in this community to control the tension in heart.

“One set of IDPs have been sent back home but am still afraid to go home but I still have to go so as to continue my treatment, I don’t another village, we are waiting for the next batch to be transported back home.

The third traditional ruler who also spoke to was the Ezieogo Of Amangwu Ohafia, HRM Ezieogo Elder Mmecha U. Mmecha. He also spoke in unanimous with the account of others but affirmed that a commercial tricycle rider who was caught in the crossfire lost his life.

PHOTO: HRM Ezieogo Elder Mmecha U. Mmecha, Ezieogo Of Amangwu Ohafia,

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