The Apostolic church of Nigeria in Umuahia, Abia State has recognised a Sound philanthropist, Mr David Udochukwu, the CEO of “Thinkers Corner Hotel” with an Award of Honour as the “Grand Supporter of the Kingdom”.

PHOTO: David Udochukwu, CEO, Thinkers Corners Hotel.

The award was presented at the church service during the Harvest and Thanksgiving Service by D.D Achibong Apostle, the resident Pastor of the Apostolic Church, Igboland territory, Olokoro, Aba road, Umuahia, Abia State.

While presenting the award, Pastor Achibong said it was a merited award for the contribution which Udochukwu, popularly known as Caesar, has given to the work of God.

The award was received by his wife, Mrs Udochukwu which got a standing ovation and applause from the church members.

PHOTO: Mrs Udochukwu Receiving the Award.
PHOTO: Mrs Udochukwu and We’ll Wishers

While responding to the award at his magnificent hotel premises set to open for full business operation in his hometown at Umuagu Oboro, Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State, Mr Udochukwu said he earned the award because of the cordial relationship he has with the church.

In his words: “They gave me the award based on my good relationship with them.

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“It is the lord’s doing, all I have done is just by the grace of God. I have to pay back to God. As a matter of fact I will like to “shake” Almight God but this is the way I feel I can make him happy.” Mr Udochukwu added.

Mr Udochukwu, popularly known as Caesar is a philanthropist who has touched the life of many people in his community through educational scholarship, grants etc.

Thinkers Corner Hotel is an hospitality business set up in his community and it is set for grand opening by December 24, 2021.

PHOTO: Front View of Thinkers Corners Hotel.

Speaking to about his vision on the hospitality business, Mr Udochukwu said he was initially advised by friends to cite the hotel at Abuja or Lagos but he decided to invest in his community to curb unemployment, youth restiveness and to bring recreational activities to lite up his community.

PHOTO: Side view of Thinkers Corners Hotel
PHOTO: VIP Bar, Thinkers Corners Hotel.
PHOTO: Back View of Thinkers Corners Hotel.

“I have been able to employ a number of staff here which has also helped to reduced unemployment from this side of the state “

PHOTO: Relaxation Spot, Thinkers Corners Hotel.
PHOTO: Music and and Entertainers Stage in Thinkers Corners Hotel.

“So far my workers are happy and satisfied. I thank God for helping me to contribute to the society because we cannot totally depend on government, this is my own way of helping the government”.

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PHOTO: Exotic Rooms at Thinkers Corners Hotel
PHOTO: CCTV at Thinkers Corners Hotel.

When asked if he has interest to contest for any public office to serve his people, Mr Udochukwu said ” I have to continue doing the good work for my people irrespective of the fact that people have been calling me to get involved fully in politics and run for public Office.

“I told them that for now I will look into the matter but at the moment, I have to concentrate on my scholarship program which is designed for those in primary to tertiary level and also to concentrate on the betterment of the life of widows and the less privilege in my community. That is my way of helping the society.” Udochukwu said.

Speaking on the way forward for youths in his community and Abia in general, he advised them to stay out of drugs, remain focus and be hardworking.

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