By Iroabuchi James Chikezie (Umuahia)

Abia State is undergoing a momentous transformation as the state government takes a bold step towards progress. A total of 130 identified structures are currently in the process of demolition, signaling the initiation of a significant infrastructure development—the construction of a 6-lane road stretching from Ossah Road to To Okpara Square, Umuahia Main Town.

This ambitious undertaking is being meticulously executed by the esteemed construction company, Craneburg, chosen as the primary contractor for the project. As these structures make way for the future, the landscape of Umuahia is set to undergo a profound change, reflecting the state government’s commitment to fostering enhanced connectivity and modern urban development.

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The strategic location of the road project, linking Ossah Road to Umuahia Main Town, holds immense promise for the State. Beyond the evident physical transformation, the initiative aims to alleviate traffic congestion, improve accessibility, and stimulate economic activities in the area.

The government’s proactive approach to engage Craneburg as the construction partner underscores the dedication to ensuring that this road project meets international standards. As the demolition progresses, anticipation builds for the unfolding of a thorough and well-executed construction process.

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This venture not only speaks to the infrastructural aspirations of Dr. Alex Otti led Government of Abia State but also highlights the vision for sustainable urban development. The commencement of the demolition sets the stage for a vibrant and dynamic future, where Umuahia stands as a testament to progress and modernization in the heart of Nigeria.

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