The Federal High Court of Justice, Port Harcourt Judicial Division in Rivers State has dismissed the Alleged Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’ (EFCC) corruption case filed against Ikenna Kingsley Onwuzuruike, popularly known as Nwanta Anayoeze, the CEO of Nwata Anayoeze Oil And Gas Limited.

In the suit charge No: FHC/PH/40C/2020 with 8 count charge dated 11th May 2020 has the offence of conspiracy to obtain money by false presence under the advance fee fraud related offences, impersonation, false pretence, money laundry among others.

The lawsuit between Ikenna Kingsley Onwuzurike versus the Federal Government of Nigeria came to climax with the ruling of the Judge, Hon. Justice Adamu Turaki Mohammed on 11th February, 2022.

Speaking to newsmen about the victory of the court case, in Umuahia, the Abia state capital, Nwanta Anayoeze narrated how the EFFCC operatives invaded his house on 26th of January 2020.

PHOTO:Ikenna Kingsley Onwuzuruike, A.K.A Nwanta Anayoeze, the CEO of Nwata Anayoeze Oil And Gas Limited.

According to Nwanta Anayoeze, the count charge was that he defrauded an Egyptian $6.5m. The said Egyptian man never appeared in court and no evidence of financial record for such transaction.

“They said I defrauded another Thailand woman $1.5m and yet no evidence of such fraudulent transaction.” Nwanta Anayoeze added.

Nwanta Anayoeze expressed disappointment  for the online publication which went viral about his arrest which he believes is meant to tarnish his image.

Nwanta Anayoeze revealed that the EFFC operatives invaded his residential home in a commando style without any formal invitation.

In his own words: “Up till now I still can’t tell what my offence was, l don’t know why EFFCC operatives will invade my house, not through the gate, they jumped through the fence, up to 10 -15 of them by 4am on 26th of January 2020.They said they came for my arrest and they took me to their Port Hacourt zone.”

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Nwanta Anayoeze also hinted that the EFCC operatives from the point of arrest refused to tell him his offence only for him to be shown his family photograph to identify and handed a document.

“What they read from the document was that they asked for permission from the Commissioner of Police to scrutinize Yahoo Boys in Umuahia. I don’t know how a man of my age with this white beards will be addressed as a Yahoo Boy. To crown it up, when the CP gave that order according to the date, I was still in Turkey buying furniture to export to Nigeria as part of my business.”  Nwanta Anayoeze added.

 Nwanta Anayoeze also hinted how he was neglected as he was battling health condition diagnosed of by his medical team revealed to be liver enlargement and appendix.

“As at that time I was very sick and I went to them to explain my health condition but they ignored me only for them to pressure me to write down the statement on what I was accused of and insisted that after writing down the statement I will be released. So I made the first statement on that Sunday, on Tuesday my health condition became worse after I requested them to take me to a hospital where I will foot the bill of my treatment because health is wealth.

“They accepted and took me to a clinic where my wife paid the bill but they collected the result from the clinic Doctor. But I heard when the doctor told them that I had liver enlargement and appendix but they denied me of having my medical test result. They later insisted on taking me to police clinic which I latter accepted but after taking the drugs the police doctor gave me; it was really bad on me.”

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Nwanta Anayoeze also said his bank accounts were freezed during the legal battle which hindered him from financing the heath issue of his brother in-law which later caused his death due to his absence for proper medical care.

He also added that EFCC operatives offered him plea bargain which he rejected due to the innocence of what he was accused of.

“I know what it means to be a convict, I rather engage in legal battle than to accept plea bargain over what I don’t know of just to be free” Nwanta Anayoeze added.

Nwanta Anayoeze who expressed regrets over the arrest and legal battle said he had never had any police case to answer for several years he has stayed outside the country running his business.

Responding to the question if he suspects anyone to be after him, Nwanta Anayoeze said “like one EFCC officer told, he said: “I am from the north and I don’t know you, it is your people that called us to arrest you.”

“it is Abia state people that is after me.” Nwanta Anayoeze affirmed.

He also expressed satisfaction on the competence of the court judge and advised all law abiding citizens to remain firm against any false accusation brought before them and never to give up due to fear or pressure of plea bargain.

PHOTO: Ikenna Kingsley Onwuzuruike, legal counsel, and friend.

“Nigeria judiciary is the last hope for the common man, they should not lose hope, if I can go there and be vindicated, you can also be vindicated.” Nwanta Anayoeze happily advised.

Copy of court judgment document below:

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