The traditional stakeholders of Agbiligba Nanka community of Anambra state have banished an indigene of their community over bisexual act.

The accused, Oluebube Uzochukwu, Okeke, aged 26 was reportedly caught on the abominable act on the eve of October 28, 2023. The ugly development stirred up abominable statements from indegens of the community.

According to an elder of the village who pleaded to remain anonymous told our reporter that the entire community was thrown into a sobber mood because such sexual practice is alien to them.

According to our source, Oluebube was banished from the community after the elders gave their verdict on the matter but his partner wasn’t apprehend as he escaped and couldn’t be identified and also said only Oluebube can tell where he hails from.

In his words: “No matter how the law states it in foreign lands, it is against our culture and practice. It is against the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We are guided by what we were handed over by our fore fathers.”

Narrating further the abominable act, our source said, the accused, Oluebube is possibly possessed by an unfamiliar spirit which manipulated his sanity to indulge in such abominable practice because there has been no record or trace of any member of his lineage, caught or accused of such abominable act. He urged the family to perform some sacrifices to appease the ancestors of the land to restore the sanity of their son.

In an effort to confirm the accusation, our reporter scheduled an interactive session via telephone with the accused, Oluebube which was fruitful as he revealed that his sexuality has been a bone of contention in his family especially his father who is a well-respected titled Chief in the community.

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Oluebube stated that he is living in perpetual fear of his life
being cut short either by relatives or worse from irritated Nigerians who abhor such type of sexual practice.

“My life has been quite a journey. Starting from the constant beating I received from my father who first observed my sexual status. He sees himself as a failure, fathering a bisexual. My school mate will hate me because it will obviously become a stigma, I will be living in constant fear even as I have been banished from my community.

“Among my siblings, I’m the only person that is bisexual. In the course of the beating, my mother came out to my rescue but unfortunately, now I have lost her to the cold hands of death on the 5th of August 2023. I had no choice than to exit the village after the banishment pronouncement by the village head. I have no one to defend me again which caused my absence during the funeral of my mother.

“My decision to leave the country came when some countrymen almost lynched me at a football viewing centre during a football banter, I mentioned my preferred sexual partner. It turned into an uproar and I was sneaked out of the venue. That was when I understood that my life was in danger again.

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“I decided to leave as the country was no longer safe for people with the same sexual compatibility as mine, especially with the arrest of gay men who attended a wedding ceremony of a member in October 2023 in Delta State.”Oluebube said.

Oluebube also stated that he doesn’t want to join the league of people who were persecuted for committing no crime but having a different sexual urge.

“I knew that being myself would lead to my death. I couldn’t express myself nor could I be who I wanted to be. I watched what I said, who I say it to and my watch my back at all times. My mental health was affected and I could no longer concentrate.” Oluebube lamented.

For the records last year, 76 persons were arrested in Gombe State with a publicised media trial over alleged bisexual activity, even though Nigerian Law prohibits showing the identity of a culprit until proven guilty.

Same last year, men of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) arrested people who organised a gay wedding but the suspects objected and stated that it was only a birthday party.

Since the Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill was signed into law in Nigeria on January 7, 2014, by ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, there have been many arrests of people suspected to be gay in Delta, Gombe, and Lagos and others states in Nigeria.

The law, which carries a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison if convicted, bans same-sex marriage and other “amorous relationships,” as well as LGBT organsations.

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