By Prince Micheal , Aba.

By all developmental indices, Abia South Senatorial District deserves pity. The once economically and technically vibrant zone, next after Lagos, has been deliberately left to bleed into comatose by two of its sons. The reason for this assertion is simple. Among the 109 senatorial districts in Nigeria, and among the 15 and three senatorial districts in the southeast and Abia State respectively, one senatorial zone that has experienced a less-than-average representation is, no doubt, Abia South.

The past 16 years has been nothing but tales of woe for the people of Aba and its sister local government areas in the senatorial district. In the past 16 years, there seem to be deliberate attempts to underdevelop the city, both by the State Governor who prides himself as ‘Nwa Aba’ (the son of Aba) and the senator who represents the zone in the upper chamber of the National Assembly.

While the senator’s most priced achievements in 16 years are fighting the Federal Government and playing on the sensibilities of Ndi Igbo to pave the way to become Governor after his brother, the Governor’s stock-in-trade is destroying people’s means of livelihood through his ill-conceived remodeling of Ariaria and Ngwa Road markets. How unfortunate!

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Is it not inconceivable that both the senator who achieved nothing for the senatorial zone in 16 years, and the Governor who wasted the ample opportunity of reviving Aba from its state of comatose, all want their failures rewarded with another opportunity of continuing with their tales of woes? What will be the fate of Abia South should any of the duo be Abia South’s next senator? God forbid!

Here comes the vibrant alternative, Chinedu Onyeizu. This erudite scholar and international award-winning petroleum engineer represents the new order. Chinedu Onyeizu possesses the courage, character and credibility inherent in a leader. He represents the yearnings of the people of Abia South for a senator who truly appreciates the needs of his people, and has the capacity to address them through the instrumentalities of legislation.

The Abia South senatorial cap is no longer for those who have the penchant for squandering goodwill and opportunities. The Abia South senatorial cap will not be handed over to a senator who does not value the people’s trust. Abia South senatorial cap is not for those who want to spend their old age in the Senate, or go to someone whose simple reason for wanting to go to the Senate is to spend their post-governorship life in the Senate.

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Abia South senatorial cap is for a young, vibrant, highly educated and courageous young man who has demonstrated the uncommon antecedents of a leader. Abia South senatorial cap fits Chinedu Onyeizu. Let him wear it for the jobless youths of Aba whose future hangs in the balance due to the absence of youth-friendly policies. Chinedu Onyeizu should wear the Abia South senatorial cap for the Ariaria traders whose shops were destroyed and whose means of livelihood were washed away by flooding occasioned by government’s poor planning.

Chinedu Onyeizu should wear the Abia South senatorial cap for poor teachers and lecturers whose salaries remain unpaid despite huge revenues. Chinedu Onyeizu should wear the Abia South senatorial cap for the masses who are only remembered during election circles. The Abia South senatorial cap fits Chinedu Onyeizu. Let him wear it.


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