By Marcel Nwosu (Aba)

February 25, 2023 will be a deciding moment for Nigeria in general, and Abia South senatorial district, in particular. It is going to be a day in which all Nigerians who mean well for the country, will take their destinies into their own hands. It is going to be a pay-back day for the corrupt and non-performing politicians and their failed political parties. It is going to be the long-awaited day of reckoning. It is going to be the proverbial judgement day.

Like Nigeria, Abia South is weeping. Like Nigeria, Abia South is bleeding from hardship. Like the vast majority of Nigerians, the resilient, creative and industrious people of Abia South are suffering from the ill effects of Okezie Ikpeazu’s bad governance in Abia State, and Enyinnaya Abaribe’s poor representation in the Senate. Hence, all eyes are now on Peter Obi and Chinedu Onyeizu who represent the new hope for a better Nigeria and for a more progressive Abia South senatorial district.

Nigerians are in misery. Be it in the southeast or northwest, be it in the northeast or the southwest, it is all tales of misery. Whether Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Fulani, Tiv or Ijaw, the truth remains that Nigerians are traumatized, frustrated and fed up, it is only a Peter Obi presidency that will restore their hopes. In the same vein, whether Ngwa, Ukwa or the non-indigenes living in Aba and environs, the truth remains that everyone in Abia South, except the few benefiting from the bad government of Okezie Ikpeazu and his PDP, or those benefiting from Abaribe’s poor representation, is frustrated, traumatized, and fed up, and it takes a Chinedu Onyeizu to restore the lost glory of Abia South.

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At this critical time in the history of Nigeria and Abia South, hard choices need to be made. The people of Nigeria and Abia South should choose between the young, committed and vibrant duo of Peter Obi and Chinedu Onyeizu on the one hand, against the two power-drunk presidential and senatorial candidates on the other hand whose stock-in-trade is to remain perpetually in the corridors of power in order to continue to amass limitless wealth for their families. The people of Nigeria and Abia South are left to choose between progressiveness which Peter Obi and Chinedu Onyeizu represent, against perpetual misery and backwardness which our tormentors-in-chief represent.

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The February 25 election provides us with the opportunity of writing the wrongs of the past 24 years. The election gives us the ample opportunity of saying enough is enough to corrupt leaders. It is a golden opportunity that stirs us in the face.

At this moment, we need leaders with proven and impeccable integrity. We need leaders who have demonstrated the will and commitment to serve. Like Nigeria, Abia South needs a vibrant leader with a determination to rewrite our ugly narrative. In Peter Obi and Chinedu Onyeizu we can find leaders with these traits. What Peter Obi is to Nigeria is what Chinedu Onyeizu is to Abia South. With Peter Obi in Aso Rock and Chinedu Onyeizu and other like-minded people in the Senate, the glory of our fatherland shall be restored.

It is either we save Nigeria and Abia South on 25th February or it perpetually sinks into the abyss of backwardness. Let’s stand up and be counted. Give Peter Obi and Chinedu Onyeizu a chance, and watch our fortunes turn around for good.


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