Otisi Ebitu Ukiwe, a gubernatorial aspirant under the platform of the African Democratic Congress Party(ADC) has officially declared interest to join the 2023 Abia guber race.

Otisi made his decleration on Saturday at the ADC secretariat in Umuahia, Abia State.

PHOTO: Party Aspirants and faithfuls present at the event

The event was well attended by party faithfuls and supporters who graced the occasion with their chants and support.

The gubernatorial aspirant, Otisi in his declaration speech said under the party, ADC, they will return Abia to God, also noting to bring effective change in Abia for the next generation to benefit.

“We want whatever we do in Abia state, our children and grandchildren will not hold us accountable in future.” Otisi said.

While analyzing the performance of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) in the state, Otisi said he doesn’t enjoy castigating the government but also finds it very difficult not to castigate them.

In his words: “It is not in my character to castigate other political parties and the leadership of Abia State, but it is also very difficult because there are unpaid workers, unpaid pensions, no roads, no schools, no health care and no jobs. So, it is very easy for them to show us how bad they have done, so they have made the work very easy for us. PDP and it’s leaders have given us an expo, we have seen what is needed to be done for Abia state.”

While also faulting the developmental pace of Abia state, Otisi also pointed out that there is no reason for the poor developmental pace, emphasizing that the human capital alone in Abia State is more than other states in Nigeria.

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“We are constantly producing the best students at every level of education in Nigeria, but we look at our state and our state doesn’t represent the people.” Otisi said.

Otisi also faulted government infrastructural presence stating that Aba, the commercial hub of the state and the oil producing communities in the state lacks government attention for prompt development, likewise the agricultural sector.

PHOTO: Otisi Ebitu Ukiwe making his speech.

While listing the said administrative deficiency to Abians by the present government, Otisi said this is not the time to ask questions on their failures but time to get them out of office through their votes.

“It is time to tell them to pack their loads and go for our great party, the African Democratic Congress.” Otisi said.

“The chairman and his youthful exco’s of ADC are determined to lead the transformation of Abia to a state that will work for everybody. The values, the beliefs, the women, the youth empowerment and the tireless desire is the reason why I am declaring my ambition under this great party.” Otisi said.

Affirming that he is the most qualified candidate for the Abia gubernatorial race, Otisi gave a 5-point agenda to govern Abia which he listed as, economic and social infrastructure, security, inclusive government, good governance, rule of law and value system.

Otisi noted that the house of assembly will play a key part in his government and each of his 5-point agenda to govern Abia is very key to the development pace of Abia state, also affirming that he has the capacity to grow Abia economically and infrastructurally.

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Otisi also called for massive mobilisation to get more people to the party and take power from the ruling PDP.

The Abia ADC chairman, Obinna Don Norman in his acceptance speech said ADC is not just a political party but “a movement of people who are tired of their situation.” He also cited that the present mismanagement of the ruling PDP called for the emergence of ADC.

PHOTO: Obinna Don Norman, Abia ADC Chairman.

In his words: “ADC is a child of necessity. ADC came into Abia state because of the mismanagement. Those who were made kings are thieves. We did not just come to play politics but we came to take over Abia state for ourselves, our children and their generation. It is a shame that after 24 years, our lives is like this. They won’t destroy our lives and that of our children. If we don’t do it now, our children will come up and serve their own children. The problem we have in Abia state is PDP and the people who collects two thousand naira and five thousand naira and off they go. I want to tell you that you made a mistake. This is not the gathering for such, we are for change” Don Norman said.

The Ohafia war dance group were also on ground for entertainment to spice up the event.

PHOTO: Otisi Ebitu Ukiwe with Ohafia war Dancer group
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