Obinna Nwosu, the African Democratic Congress (ADC) House of Representatives candidate in Abia state, during the 2023 election has dumped the party for the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC).

Obinna joined the APC in his ward on Wednesday at Umukabia Okaiuga Alike Autonomous Community Ohuhu, Umuahia North local government area, Umuahia Abia State.

After the official registration with the party, Obinna was given the party’s symbol (broom) and he addressed the party faithful present during the event.

While addressing newsmen, Obinna said he is joining the APC because Nigeria is in a transition state and it has become pertinent for him to support the president in delivering a better life for Nigerians.

In his words: “As a transition stage we need to move on to the next stage which is national prosperity and growth, and it is essential that well meaning citizens, patriots, come together to support the leadership of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu towards delivering a better life to the people of Abia State and Nigerians at large. I’m joining to get involved in the process of bringing a better life to my constituents, local government and Nigerians at large.”


Responding to the question why a lot of party faithful are dumping their party for the APC, Obinma said it is a welcomed development because in the southeast, there’s a need to align more and play the national politics. He also revealed that in the coming days more people will join the APC. He also hoped it will serve as an encouragement to the youths in the state and county to create betterment for the country.

Obinna also emphasized that his decision to join the APC is personal and wasn’t done by the directive of political big weight in the state.

“If you look at my recent remark, this goes as far back as weeks and months ago, I have been stating it that our people should align with the APC. My joining the APC is not a decision of following anyone it’s a decision that I have decided on a long time ago. I’m practicalizing it today, it’s an individual decision that was well researched and looked into without any external influence.

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“It’s a decision to see that our people alligns with the national politics. The southeast has missed out on that a lot recently, we need to change that narrative. I encourage more of our young people to come in, we have to be well represented”. Obinna said.

Obinna also stated that the reason he joined APC is not connected with his ambition because at the moment he has no ambition to run for any political office.

“This is time for governance, not politics”. Obinna concluded.

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