Woman In Diaspora Blames Nigeria Government Over Exposure To Cold, Rain Curses On Children (+Video)


A Nigerian woman in diaspora has lamented and abused the government of Nigeria over the freezing temperature of the country where she made a live video from.

In the video on social media, she insulted the government of Nigeria for making her get exposed to such harsh weather conditions which she described to be more than snow but ice which left the temperature to be -11 degree Celsius.

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“she said in local perlance: “Our leaders, Devil go punish una, Una wey say we no go better, all of una go die, you people are heartless,”

“Unah children no go better, naso so sickness una children no go better.”

“Una dey come here go back”.

Nigera leaders nah so so bad sickness wey all of una go dey get.”………

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she.also lamented that if not for bad leadership, she wouldn’t have been exposed to such cold temperature.

watch video here 👇


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