Dr Max Nduaguibe, the leader of the Ukwalangwa Council Elders in Abia state has aligned with the position of Ogbonnaya Onu and Ken Nnamani on the need for power rotation, zoning and federal character in the system of governance in Nigeria while applauding the emergence of their son as YPP gubernatorial candidate in Abia state.

Both Presidential aspirants before losing out of the All Progressives Congress, APC Presidential primary election on Tuesday stated the need for power rotation for peace and equity in Nigeria citing injustice to south east region of Nigeria

Dr Max maintained that the Ukwalangwa Council of Elders maintains her position on the agitation for power to equally remain in part of Abia as it has been in other parts of the state.

Dr Max affirmed his position on the need for equity on power rotation in a live political radio program on flo Fm in Umuahia on Wednesday.

Dr Max holds the view that power rotation is the only strategy that will keep Nigeria together. He also explained that such political arrangement should be enacted in Abia state for the sake of equity and justice.

“The idea that we are seeking for justice and equity in Abia state is a normal thing and it will reach every corner of this state if we continue to maintain the political position in Abia state.” Dr Max said.

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Dr Eugene Nwoha, also part of the program, an Elder of the Ukwalangwa Council of Elders while reacting to the exclusion of Igbos from the current leadership structure of Nigeria, said “justice and equity in power rotation in Nigeria and Abia will give others sense of belonging and create peace.”

“They have made that point and without applying the principle of zoning which encompasses rotation and making sure that everybody is carried along, there would not be peace, equity and balance.” Dr Eugene added.

On the emergence of Nana Nwafor as the Abia gubernatorial flag bearer of the Young Progressives Party, YPP, both elders of Ukwalangwa applauded the outcome stating that it is their plea that all political parties should field candidates from their extraction for equity and justice in Abia state.

“We welcome what YPP did and also welcomed what PDP has done earlier, when all political parties are done with their primaries, there may be alignment.” Dr Eugene said.

Dr Max added that they will call all their sons from Umunnato extraction in the Abia gubernatorial race together, examine their platforms and advise them.

“We will sit down and chat to examine their various platforms, their weaknesses and advise them. It is after that advise we will know if to advocate for alliance.

“We are not advocating for a winner takes it all government. All we asking for is a unity government that will be different from what has happened in the past.” Dr Max said.

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Dr Max also kicked against the idea of accepting the deputy governor’s slot for the Umunnato extraction, recalling that Abia state is structured on two clans which he said a clan has been in government for sixteen years, thus, another clan should rule Abia for the next sixteen years.

“If three local government in Abia state, Ikwuano, Umuahia north, Umuahia south can rule this state for eight years, there is no reason why Isialangwa north, Isialangwa south and Osisioma will not rule Abia for eight years, that is our point. We are not looking for political position, we are looking for something that is our right.” Dr Max said.

According to Dr Max, the role of the Ukwalangwa Council of Elders is to inculcate the sense of responsibility, commitment and subsuming their personal ambition to that of the community.

The need for meeting all the aspirants individually was also said to be in the arrangement of the Ukwalangwa Council of Elders but “for now, they are allowed to vent due to the tedious primary election stress they must have all gone through.”

The Ukwalangwa Elders appealed to all aspirants to go into the election process with peace and have peace at the end of the election.

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