This a response to the post with the above caption said to have been written by one Ukpai Ukairo who claimed to be a concerned Abia citizen. In the said write up, Ukpai Ukairo accused his Excellency Dr Alex Otti as undermining his oat of office and being undemocratic in his style of leadership. He went further to say that the Governor have already accused, tried and convicted certain persons without giving them right to fair hearing in court.

It seems the guilty is afraid. But let us note that since the inauguration of Dr Alex Otti as Governor of Abia State, he never mentioned the name of anyone or accuse anybody of stealing Abia State resources. So saying the governor is going about accusing, trying and convicting people is complete falsehood from someone who is determined to misinform and incite the people against the government.

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The Governor had maintained that Abia State resources was embezzled and stolen from 2015 to 2023 as this fact is obvious to every Abian. The Governor had gone ahead to setup a panel of inquiry to advice the State on the methods to be adopted to recover those stolen properties. Moreover, a panel of inquiry headed by a renown judge can not be said to be illegally constituted.

Ukairo also threatened the Governor to dissolve the panel of inquiry on recovery of government properties and funds or get ready to face him and his cohorts in courts. But then, Ukairo should know that the Governor Alex Otti lead government in Abia State is determined to institute probity, transparency and accountability in Abia State governance system and as such can not be intimidated or blackmailed with empty threats. Instead, Ukpai Ukairo should get ready to go to court and prove to Abians how he acquired the landed properties belonging to Ohafia LGA Secretariat that he converted to private use.

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Kalu Ekwueme is also a concerned citizen of Abia State.

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