Abia State, Nigeria – The Peace In South East Project (PISE-P) has taken a remarkable step towards restoring peace and stability in the South East geo-political zone. In line with the grand vision of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon Benjamin Kalu, PISE-P has commenced the distribution of food items in Abia state, under the “Food for Peace Initiative”

Speaking during the food distribution in Arochukwu, the Chairman of Media and Publicity Committee of PISE-P, Mrs. Mary Ikoku described the project as a pioneering effort to foster peace through food security, recognizing that “a hungry man is an angry man.” With peace being an invaluable and essential element in the development of any society, the President and Deputy Speaker share a united vision to restore peace to the South East and bolster the region’s economy.

“This initiative holds a special place in my heart as I yearn to see peace restored in our region. The current state of affairs in the South East with the presence of unknown gunmen, IPOB, and sit-at-home orders is gravely detrimental to our collective interests,” stated Mrs. Ikoku. “It is with great joy that we witness a leader stepping forward to champion the cause of peace in the South East. This is a truly welcomed development.”

The second leg of the eight thematic areas of PISE-P, known as the “Food for Peace Initiative”, signifies a crucial starting point in the quest to enhance food security and entrench peace in the South East. The distribution of essential food items, including bags of rice, cartons of tin tomatoes, spaghetti, bags of garri, beans, groundnut oil, wrappers, and cash gifts, has already commenced in the 17 Local Government Areas of Abia State, with plans to expand to other states in the near future.

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Hon. Mike Ukoha, in his speech, emphasized the need for a non-kinetic approach to attain long-term stability and widespread prosperity. He passionately declared, “Peace is undoubtedly in our best interest. The disruptive sit-at-home order serves us no purpose. That is precisely why our esteemed leader, Rt. Hon Benjamin Kalu launched the PISE-P project with the full support of the Federal Government.”

He further revealed the ongoing progress of the South East Development Commission bill in the House of Representatives, which aims to provide additional funds for the Igbos to address infrastructural developments in the region”. “By the grace of God, before June of this year, the Senate will pass this bill into law, and President Bola Amend Tinubu eagerly awaits to assent to it. Let us rally behind the federal government to secure our rightful dividends of democracy.”

Hon. Chijioke Chukwu, adding to the discourse, highlighted the collaborative approach of PISE-P with local, national, and international partners to create a holistic strategy for lasting peace and transformation in the region. He fervently expressed the prayers of the Igbos, stating, “We crave leadership roles for the Igbos in this great nation. With our son in the Deputy Speaker position, the sixth citizen of this country, we are inching closer to realizing our dreams.”

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Chukwu emphasized the significance of supporting the Federal Government, asserting that no state can develop without that support. A passionate advocate of peaceful dialogue, he commended Rt. Hon Benjamin Kalu for tirelessly working towards peaceful resolutions, including the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Deaconess Iroegbu, in her vote of thanks, expressed appreciation for Ikoku’s efforts in ensuring that whatever is meant for the women in the local government gets to them. She also pleaded for more responsibilities to be entrusted to Mrs. Ikoku, acknowledging her integrity and commitment.

Some of the beneficiaries, who spoke to our correspondent, including Mazi Linus Okoro, Charity Madu, Mrs. Grace Chukwu, and Chibuzor Ogbonna, expressed their immense gratitude to the Federal Government, through the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, for introducing peace measures in the South East. They praised the transparency of the APC leadership in the local government in ensuring equitable distribution of the food items, recognizing the tremendous benefits this initiative will bring to their families.

With the Food for Peace Initiative now in full swing, PISE-P remains committed to its noble mission of restoring peace and prosperity in the South East. The project continues to inspire hope, empower communities, and pave the way towards a brighter future.

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