A Middle aged man identified as Ndukwe Uchenna Uduma was on Monday allegedly caught on the act of sodomy in his apartment.

Ndukwe who resides at World Bank Housing Estate in Umuahia, Abia state was beating to stupor by his neighbours who holds that Ndukwe has defaulted in the Nigeria law prohibiting gay practice and same sex marriage as well as defiled thier compound and community.

Candidreporters.com learnt that trouble began for Ndukwe who has been monitored and suspected to be bisexual by  Mr. Okoro, the landlord of the house.

According to the landlord, who spoke to newsmen on Monday said he suspected the regular visit of a particular young man whom he described as fair in complexion and normally visits in odd hours.

Narrating how the incidence played out, Mr. Okoro said a door demarcates his bedroom and that of Ndukwe. He only got curious to investigate his tenant abominable act due to the wired moaning sound that emanates from Ndukwe’s room most nights. Mr. Okoro narrated that his suspicion grew when he recalled that a regular face comes into the compound at night and goes straight to Ndukwe’s apartment.

Asking further how he came to such suspicion conclusion of Ndukwe’s bisexual status, Mr. Okoro said he jokingly asked Ndukwe why is that his friend always visits when it’s almost time to lock the compound gate against the rule of late night visits to the facility?

According to him, Ndukwe neglected his question and walked passed him. As he pressed further for an answers, Ndukwe yelled at him and said “Mr landlord, can you please mind your business, I can’t be you and you can’t be me, all I owe you is regular payment of your rent.

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Narrating further about the suspicious sexual status of Ndukwe, Mr Okoro said; “I wasn’t comfortable with the sound I hear from that room most nights for some days now since Ndukwe started returning late from work. so I decided to peep through the key hole of the door connecting my apartment and his own, I couldn’t hold back what my eyes saw because his room light was so bright and his door was directly opposite. I  screamed loud to the extent that my wife and kids  woke up.  I kept screaming abomination! untill my other tenants came out only to see a young man ran out of Ndukwe’s  room and headed straight to the gate. As I rushed out to get hold of his accomplice, he was fast enough as a young man to escape. He waved and stop a tricycle which he entered and zoomed off. I walked back to the house to confront Ndukwe, what I got was snub from him as he slammed his door and tightly locked. 

Mr Okoro said he was left with no other option than to call for urgent meeting with his tenant that night to relate what he saw.

A tenant who gave his name as Chinedu also claimed to be  eyewitness of how Ndukwe was beaten said Ndukwe refused to open his door until other Youths in the community  interfered as they forced Ndukwe’s door open, dragged him out and beat him until they concluded that he was  unconscious.

Narrating further, during the mobbing, Ndukwe was said to  screaming words like; “what is your business with what I do in my room?” Why are you invading my privacy?” “It is my life not yours!”

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The eyewitness said Ndukwe managed to escape the leaching with bruises on his body after he regained consciousness as water was poured on him as believed he fainted . 

“The youths were still chatting with the landlord as they were exclaiming that such abomination will not continue to exist in our community when Ndukwe narrowly escaped without their notice”.

Candreporters.com correspondent who re-visited the scene gathered that  security operatives came around the scene on the night of incidence to maintain peace and order while  the  landlord was said to have  left  with  the policemen to the station that night to give a statement of  what happened.

Efforts to get Ndukwe on phone to hear his side of the story proved abortive as his phone number was unreasonable.

The Abia state police public relation officer PPRO, Geoffrey Ogbonna couldn’t be reached for comment as of  press time.

In 2014, Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan signed a bill that criminalises same-sex relationships, defying western pressure over gay rights and provoking US criticism.

The bill, which contains penalties of up to 14 years in prison and bans gay marriage, same-sex “amorous relationships” and membership of gay rights groups, was passed by the national assembly on May 2013 but Jonathan had delayed signing it into law.

Under existing Nigerian federal law, sodomy is punishable by jail, but this bill legislates for a much broader crackdown on homosexual people, who live a largely underground existence.

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