Governor Alex Otti of Abia State has revealed that steps have been taken to ensure the possibility of having pipeborne water supply and other essential amenities in the state.

Governor Otti made the revelation during a media parley held on Thursday at Government House, Umuahia.

In a bid to revitalize the functionality of the water board, Governor Otti said he has scheduled a meeting with those who will facilitate pipeborne water in Umuahia as well as has spoken with another group which has worked to an extent on the Aba pipeborne water supply project which the handlers confirmed to have laid 70% of needed pipes underground but will have to dig them out and replace if the project would be continued because the project was abandoned by previous facilitators and the pipes must have gone rust.

Governor Otti however believes that in the next few years pipeborne water may be a possibility in Abia as soon as funds become readily available to fix it.

On infrastructural development, governor Otti also revealed that 26 new roads are in different stages of completion which does not include about 15 other roads been handled with direct labour while recalling the commissioning of 6 roads, he said fresh information reaching him is that four additional roads are completed in Aba as the zero pothole policy is also been implemented in major towns of the state. Governor Otti noted that the selection of roads for repair and construction is based on strategic importance.

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On the control of flood in Aba, the governor also said with the new design it will take about 18 months to get rid of flooding in Aba and the projects will be divided into phases.

The governor appealed to those living in Aba and Umuahia and other parts of the state to keep their environment clean and use the available disposal facility provided by the government in their metropolis and protect the environment as lots is been done by the Abia State Orientation Agencies to sensitize citizens on the need to keep their evenvironment clean and such effort should be complemented by keeping their environment clean and by not blocking the drains with refuse.

On the economy, the governor also said his government will be Providing the enabling environment for small scale businesses and capital will be mapped out for them to be more engaged instead of being involved in fraudulent activity and taunting in the state.

On Civil service reforms, governor Otti said the commission has been undergoing reforms e.g through verification exercise which has allowed genuine workers to get paid as at when due and enable the government to know those that are actually government workers while also pointing out that there have been challenges which made it difficult to totally offset the arrears of pensioners in the state as promised.

On Agriculture, governor Otti assured that plans are on the way to improve agricultural activities and other development related matters in the ministry as well as Ulonna farm settlement that was presented as a case study. Ulonna Farm Settlement was said to be given due attention by the government in due time.

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On security, governor Otti said that it has been revealed that the kidnap of the Abia State University Deputy Vice Chancellor, professor Godwin Emezue was perfected by kidnappers outside the state and for security reasons, much can’t be said on it so as not to jeopardize the effort of the hard working security men on matter.

On the issue of illegal extortion from commercial tricycle riders and vehicles by tauts at Aba and other parts of the state, governor Otti said his government never authorized that as such is illegal.

On the issue of power supply in the state, governor Otti said a lot has been done on power supply as discussions has been initiated with EEDC on a way government will be directly involved in distribution of power in Umuahia and environs. He also revealed that Aba power supply will improve by March when the current 15 mega waltz will be improved to over 50 mega waltz.

“Hopefully with the pipes and gas lines that has been laid, the three turbelance will come on stream, I have no doubt that Aba will enjoy uninterruptible power supply.” Governor Otti said.

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