Commercial bus drivers under the aegis of Abia United Drivers who ply the Umuahia/ Aba routes on Wednesday took their protest to the Abia State government house, Umuahia alleging illegal extortion and molestation from tauts.

The drivers came in their numbers and were seen with placards with various inscription such as ” Let Agberos leave Drivers” to expressing their dissatisfaction.

While relating their complaints to Caleb Ajagba, Chief of Staff, Abia State government, the spokesperson of the driver’s union Mr Caleb, said they have been happily paying their daily tax of 550 naira online as approved by the government until recently some group of persons claiming to be working for the government came up with extortion and intimidation.

Caleb said the extortioners claimed that they were settled with the right of tax collection by the Labour Party at Osisioma flyover Junction at Aba. He also alleged that the extortioners claimed that they paid 40 million naira to own the right of levy collection from drivers plying Osisioma and Umuahia.

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Mr. Caleb also complained that from time to time, the said group of persons do impound their vehicles for refusal of paying the levy which ranges from 40,000 to 150,000 naira against their daily tax of 550 naira. .

The drivers pleaded that governor Alex Otti should please look into the situation so that they can work and earn their daily living.

The Chief of Staff responded to the drivers by assuring them that their complaints will be attended to by governor Alex Otti as the current Abia government does not entertain the activities of tauts.

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I’m his own words; ” The report has gotten to him as he has given a very stern way that anyone found doing that will have to face the wrath of the law squarely. In the new transportation arrangements in Abia State, there’s no room for Agberos(tauts). Everything that has to be done has to be decently done.”

He also added that the Abia state government has set up various agencies and any money collected as tax from transporters goes directly to the government’s account.

He urged the drivers to make their contributions to a better Abia by playing their role and pay their transportation tax.

He also assured the drivers that all those harassing them will be brought to book and sanity will be brought to the transportation system in Abia.

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