Everyone with the gift of divine vision will agree that Dr. Alex Otti’s political journey and emergence as the Governor of Abia State is one divinely occasioned by the unmoved mover who says a thing and it stands.

Governor Alex Otti’s leadership radiance and overwhelming community support are a testament that he has been divinely positioned by God. Not even hell nor the earth cannot diminish whom God has increased.

Given the clear display of great leadership ingenuity by Dr. Alex Otti within a short time in office, amidst the clever skirmishes of the children of anger, one cannot wait to see the end of the post-election litigations. Anticipating the affirmation of Dr. Alex Otti’s election victory by the Supreme Court is a moment filled with hope and positivity.

The victory that Dr. Alex Otti enjoyed at the election polls was a clear protest against leadership failure in the state, and the celebration that followed his declaration of victory had never been seen or heard of in the history of the state. This heartfelt message therefore expresses confidence in the divine, and echoes the sentiment that Dr. Alex Otti is the people’s choice and a blessing to the residents of Abia.

God has elected Dr. Alex Otti through the majority vote of Abians to lead His people and the popular adage “Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” is still very valid. The voice of Ndi Abia at the poll is Dr. Alex Otti and the voice of the people is the voice of God. Anyone trying to grab the people’s mandate either by hook or crook is therefore fighting against God and man.


The phrase “When God says yes” conveys a sense of divine approval and alignment with a higher purpose. It reflects the belief that Dr. Alex Otti’s leadership is destined and supported by a higher force. In the words of Governor HOPE UZODINMA, therefore, I am inclined to say, NWA GOVERNOR NKE A CHINEKE NYERE OTTI, MADU ENWEGHI IKE INARA YA.

Who is seeking Dr. Alex Otti’s disqualification when heaven and earth have spoken? Who can say a thing and it will come to pass when the Lord has not commanded?

Extending congratulations in advance is an expression of unwavering confidence in the righteousness of the cause. It is a hopeful declaration that foresees positive outcomes and celebrates them even before they manifest.

The anticipation of the Supreme Court’s affirmation underscores the belief in the legal and judicial process. It is a message of trust in the fairness and justice that the Supreme Court represents.

Referring to Dr. Alex Otti as the “people’s choice” emphasises his popularity and the overwhelming support he continues to enjoy from the community. It conveys the idea that his leadership resonates with the aspirations and preferences of the majority.

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Describing Dr. Alex Otti as a blessing to Abia people suggests that his leadership is viewed as a source of positive change, prosperity, and well-being for the residents of Abia State. Ndi Abia have heaved a sigh of relief and have not stopped rejoicing since God brought the righteous to power.

The overall tone of the message exudes positive energy and optimism. It is a proclamation of faith in a favourable outcome and an expression of goodwill towards Dr. Alex Otti’s political journey.

By emphasising the people’s choice and the blessings he has brought to the state, the message reflects a sense of community support and solidarity. It clearly suggests that Dr. Alex Otti’s leadership is embraced and cherished by the local population.

This auspicious congratulatory message is a heartfelt expression of confidence, optimism, and faith in the leadership of Dr. Alex Otti. It combines elements of divine intervention, legal affirmation, community support, and positive energy. It is a message that conveys not just hope but a strong belief in the rightness of the path ahead.

Written by Anokwuru, C. U. Ph.D
Political Analyst

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