Uluocha Nelcinn, the Chairman of the Young Progressives Party(YPP) in Abia State have made public his position in the political terrain of Abia State, decrying 24 years of misrule.

Uluocha who was a former electioneering engineer for the rulling All Progressive Congress (APC), in a live radio program on Flo 94.9fm Umuahia on Tuesday stated that he was no longer comfortable with the political atmosphere of APC. He said due to the party’s failure, he decided to join teaming youths in Nigeria to effect change in Nigeria’s political space.

PHOTO: Uluocha, Abia YPP Chairman.during the live program.

In his words: “APC is a failure, as a young person who joined politics at a very young age, we have been hearing youth participation in governance and the “Not Too Young to Run” in governance and politics. APC doesn’t represent that, the same old set of politicians still represent us. So I found out that it is better I take this decision to leave APC and join my folks and work out strong. We have done it before, it’s time to do it again.”

Uluocha pointed out the strength of YPP by recalling how the party produced Senator Ifeayin Uba who got elected from the platform of YPP to represent Anambra South district in the 9th National Assembly. Thus, Uluocha affirmed that the party has made reasonable impact in the south east political space and affirmed a repeat of such in Abia State.

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When questioned about the ideology of YPP, Uluocha said ” YPP is looking at breeding new set of generational leaders”. He also said part of the ideology of the party is “to render service to the people.”

PHOTO: Uluocha and Party faithfuls during registration with YPP

Uluocha also revealed that he left APC with lot of Youths who are ready to effect positive change in the country. He also cited the Endsars protest in the country which he said exposed the strength and unity in Nigeria Youths.

“During the Endsars protest, youths came out, it shows that we wear the shoes and knows where it pains us. You saw it in Umuahia and particularly peaceful, it proved that we have reasonably young people here. The previous and past government will always think about themselves and their children. It’s time to take this off.” Uluocha said.

The YPP chairman also urged youth to be ready to express the same willingness they expressed during Endsars protest in the coming general election in Abia state and the country at large. He also urged youths to stay away from activities that will endanger their lives and become nuisance in the society and pledged that the party will bring them together for good and work with them.

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“Some of those taking hard drugs today are not happy being where they are, if you give them opportunity to leave this country, they will embrace it. Since we all cannot leave the country, it’s better we fix the country. This is 24 years of misrule in Abia state! ” Uluocha exclaimed.

The YPP Chairman also positioned that there is no age limit of those who can join and register with the party but affirmed that the Youths in the party will project and lead the party to it’s mandate. He urged all to come and register with the Party because the party is poised to present credible candidate to fly the flag of the party. He also revealed that the age bracket for credible candidate to contest for governorship position is 55 years.

Uluocha also hinted that registration to be a party member is ongoing at the party’s new secretariat at number 18 school road, Umuahia, Abia State.

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