Kunle Olawunmi, a former Navy Commodore have given damning revelation about the security lapses in Nigeria.

Kunle was reacting to the attack on Nigeria Defense Academy which recorded the death of three officers.

As a guest on Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily program on Wednesday morning, Kunle noted that he is in the class of those who is meant to neither be seen or heard according to the rules of intelligence gathering in Nigeria he belongs.

Kunle, who has spent 35 years in intelligence gathering in Nigeria’s security frame work, affirmed that the NDA attackers were terrorist not unknown gunmen as branded. He also alleged that some “accomplices of terror group which has been interrogated is still holding public office till date.”

Kunle also revealed that before now, cadet officers of the Nigeria Defense Academy has been kidnapped and N400,000 was paid for ransom.

According to Olawunmi, such attack will always happen because there’s is an insider in the military.

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He also said “the attack on NDA is done by terrorist and unless president Buhari calls them what they are, then there’s a head way.

Kunle urged journalist to carryout investigative report to unveil the influx of muslim faithfuls into security facilities during Jumat in military facilities which he said is a bridge to the nation’s security.

Kunle however affirmed that he is not afraid of his life for speaking the truth.

He also affirmed that those who carried out the attack will definitely be found.

“They are going to get them, there’s no doubt about that,in few days, few hours you are going to hear. We know how painful it is when we lost a colleague. We also know that we have irresponsible people as policy makers in the military, so at times we don’t listen to them. I can assure you that the military is going to get them.” Kunle said.

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Responding to the question on what the civil society should do since said the government is not living up to responsibility, Kunle said, “the failure of a government is dependent on the failure of the society. A failed or irresponsible government, on the other side you now have a failed civil society.

“This society has also failed, you cannot allow what the so called cabal have been doing for the past six years. The civil society have been quiet, they have to speak out and resist tyranny. You don’t wait until 2023 before everybody will jump out and start talking because the damage this government is going to do in the next two years is going to be more than what they have done in the past six years.’ Kunle revealed.

Video Credit: Channels TV

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