By Raymond Benson, KMCO, Abia LIFE-ND

Thoroughness is a virtue. It entails minutest details. It requires attention and emphasis. Lack of it is damning to individuals and enterprises alike.

Learning the ropes of communication, Professor Nkeruwem Uduoka, a veteran of Development Journalism, of the University of Uyo, once tasked his students on the three bedrocks on which the profession rests.The class became as quiet as a cemetery. The profession, according to the heavily bearded professor, stands on tripod of “Accuracy, Accuracy, Accuracy.” No half measures; neither half full, nor half empty. That’s also the secret of many ventures in life.

Thoroughness when juxtaposed with accuracy are good bedfellows. They are inter-twinned. You may not necessarily be a genius to achieve it, but it strives on painstakingness, delivery of quality, not quackery; taking infinite pains, passionate in ideas and taking minutest measures for details, to achieve it.

On August 25, 2021, Abia LIFE-ND had a second round of Capacitated Training on Business Development and Orientation- refresher course which was earlier had in November last year.

The writer’s interest grew when there was a grey area to explain in insurance policy for the incubatees who are believed to be green horns in insurance fields.
It was time to untie the webbed knots, policies and jargons of insurance to the callow minds of the incubatees whose enterprises are to be indemnified.

The Agribusiness Promotion Coordinator, Mrs. Anthonia Esenwa,
a woman, ascetic in character, who often is economical with smile, came forth to demystify the seeming esoteric language of the policy. It was a down-to‐earth delivery, thorough in practicality and accurate in all measures- no half dose!

PHOTO: Mrs. Anthonia Esenwa,Agribusiness Promotion Coordinator

The insurer, not aware that a woman lurking around him was an insurance guru of more than 30 years standing.

Taking over the stage, she drew attention of the incubatees to the basics and methods of compensation : the insurance will not compensate you if your mortality rate is below 10%, anything less than that is insignificant; they’ll not pay you if you don’t report your case within 24 hours of occurrence with pictorial evidence even in flood-related incidents, not with your phone cameras; you’ll lose compensation if there are no proper documentation of vaccinations and routine of feeding your birds; on and on, with scientific-like exactitude.

The insurer grimaced, looking like a masquerade whose secret of bellowing dark smoke from the head, was exposed.That was thoroughness and accuracy not in want.

When confronted with the essence of the training, she said,
” The refresher course is for our incubatees on business plan development and record keeping. We had an orientation training earlier in November. We decided to do a refresher course now that we want to give them their Working Capital to start their businesses.”

PHOTO: Mrs. Anthonia Esenwa wlth the Edo State Agribusiness Promotion Officer.

” We feel there’s need for them to have a proper record of what they’re doing and also the need for them to develop a business plan that’ll guide them in the cause of their activities.”

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PHOTO: Mrs. Anthonia Esenwa with Insurance instructors during the training.

” If you don’t plan before you start a business, it means you’ve planned to fail…the record keeping is very essential because if you don’t keep proper record, you will not know when you’re making losses, even a gap to fill. Part of what we’re also doing is financial inclusion. To be able to sustain their businesses and link them to financial institutions for soft loans for expansion. It’s only when you keep records that the banks can assist.” She concluded.

The State Agribusiness Promotion Officer, Elder Chukwuekezie Godwin Chukwuenyere who was in sink with his Coordinator explained,
” The capacitation is done in batches. We’ve done the first one of 25, the second 57, today we’re doing 41, totalling 123 and still have more to do.”

PHOTO: Elder Chukwuekezie Godwin , State Agribusiness Promotion Officer

Mr. Joshua Chinemere Chibueze, a consultant described the activity as a “great one” noting it was organised to make the incubatees have focus on their various enterprises.

PHOTO: Mr. Joshua Chinemere Chibueze,, Abia LIFE-ND Consultant

Indeed, LIFE-ND is blessed with astute and thorough National and State Coordinators, including Consultants and well-bred staff in Abia State.

PHOTO: Participants of the training

According to Igbo proverb, any forest that has enough bees, soldier ants and warps should not be afraid of invaders.

The Project has enough manpower and poised to do more. God willing.

PHOTO: Dr Uchenna Rowland Onyeizu, State Project Coordinator, Abia LIFE-ND

More articles on “Thoroughness” will will be handy as activities unfold.

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