The Igbo National Movement(INM), on Sunday called on the Igbo leaders to come out bodly and condemn the incessant Sit-at-home order by the Indegenous People of Biafra, IPOB, in the South East Zone.

INM call was contained in a statement to newsmen in Owerri, signed by the Executive Director, Anthony Olisa Okolo alongside other members.

Their reasons were that the continued sit-at-home order by IPOB, has brought on Igboland, killings, wastages, loss of lives and properties. Most painfully, they said it has destroyed the economy of the South East zone.

INM said the IPOB’s sit-at-home has become worrisome because of its threat of violence that have ravaged the Igboland.

The statement reads: “For an entity claiming to be interested in the welfare and wellbeing of nd’Igbo to embark on activities geared towards reducing the number of days during which a self-employed may work, and following up with not just threats of violence for those who do not agree with such irrational decisions.

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“But following up with actual destruction of private properties, harms to the individuals and in some instances, killing fellow nd’Igbo whose sole ‘wrong’ is the desire to provide for themselves and their families beats the imagination and call for sober reflection and outright condemnation by those with the overall best interest of nd’Igbo at heart.”

“Already, resulting from the first forced observance of this ‘sit-at-home’ on Monday 9th August, the losses suffered by nd’Igbo, in addition to loss of lives, properties and incomes estimated at several million US Dollars, include the disruption of academic opportunities for children in secondary schools in the Igboland who missed out on crucial examinations. What can be claimed to have been achieved by observing/enforcing the said ‘sit-at-home’? Absolutely nothing but wastage and loss of lives, properties and incomes by nd’Igbo!

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“Must this path of folly be continued? Certainly NO! Continuing will only lead to more deaths, harms on nd’Igbo, losses and destructions all within Igboland – with no impact whatsoever either on other parts of the Nigeria where no sit-at-home is observed/enforced or on the cause for Igbo self-determination,” INM said.

However, the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has announced the suspension of scheduled every Monday sit-at-home order which is tagged ghost Monday.

The groups Directorate of States, DOS, announced suspension of the every Monday sit-at-home order.

In a latest announcement made public by IPOB’s Head of DOS, Chika Edoziem, he revealed the suspension of the action.

Edoziem said the sit-at-home would be declared whenever Kanu will be making appearance in court and not every Monday as earlier directed. Edozie gave the latest position during a live radio program aired on Friday.

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