The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) today at the Abia state co-coordinating office of Livelihood Improvement Family Enterprises, Niger-Delta, Umuahia, the Abia state capital, carried out incubatees’ (trainees) identification exercise of successful applicants in the federal government and participating state funded project.

The IFAD fund was said to support youths, women, and the physically challenged livelihood of rural region dwellers.

The project coordinator, Livelihood Improvement Family Enterprises, Uchendu Rowland  Onyeizu who spoke to pressmen said “ the funder of the project is basically IFAD ,the fund is to enable them grow within their agro commodities.

“We all know that agriculture is the main stay of the country, besides crude oil. The whole idea is to support rural women; youths and the physically challenged, to enable them begin agro entrepreneurship within their localities.”

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Uchena revealed that presently, they are signing the memorandum of understanding between the project initiators, the incubators and also between the incubatees. “This is coming after the training we had after some weeks back”. He added.

Uchena also attested that the entire selection process of successful incubators and incubates was of standard.

Oyinke Bright, a beneficiary of the project who spoke to newsmen said “As a young and unemployed youth, I have passion for poultry, all thanks to IFAD for bringing it closer to us and supporting us to this extent. I believe that by the special grace of God that there will be head way for the program. I believe it will make me to be self employed and also become an employer of labour.”

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Chiamaka Obi Kalu, a beneficiary of the IFAD project, thanked the project coordinators and government but also expects the government to assist them in achieving their vision.

Dr. Madu Okoye Ngaga, an incubator (Trainer) of the IFAD project said: “we are happy that finally the project kicked off despite the delay of the COVID-19 pandemic.

 “The program affords these young lads the opportunity to become trained and employed. It will also help to tackle unemployment and youth restiveness in the country.

“If these young lads takes it serious, they will come out as an incubator, training others and also employers of labour and improve on the life of the masses.  

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