Dr Max Nduaguibe and Saint Moses Ogbonna, both elders from Ukwalangwa Elders Council, Old Aba Zone of Abia state has hinted on the need to have an equal power rotation as regards the seat of the governor in Abia State.

Dr Max and Saint Moses Ogbonna on Wednesday reaffirmed their position via a live political radio program on flo-fm Umuahia.

Dr Max Nduaguibe, the Chairman of Ukwalangwa Elders Council, a teacher of law and political science holds the view that nobody crowns himself a king and pointed that godfatherrism goes with politics but the greed destroys and keep successor handicap to function well.

“There must be some people who will come to assist you to become who you want to be. The problem of godfatherrism in Abia state is the excessive greed associated with it.” Dr Max said.

Dr Max revealed that Atiku Abubakar, the former Vice president of Nigeria was the godfather of Senator Orji Uzor Kalu when he became governor of Abia state and wasn’t interested in how Orji Uzor Kalu runs the state.

In his words: “Orji Uzor Kalu had a very free hand to run the state. It was when Orji Uzor Kalu conceded power to Senator Theodore Orji that he imposed conditions that were extra ordinary, according to them that that was rediculous and full of greed. Godfatherrism exist everywhere.

“The moment you begin to impose and ask more than you are supposed to and impose your greed on the governor or whoever, that is expression of greed. There will always be godfatherrism in politics.” Dr Max affirmed.

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Affirming same position, Saint Moses in his submission added that if the Umunnato quest is granted it will mark the end of godfatherrism in Abia state.

In his words:”As far as Abia State politics is concerned, this marks the end of godfatherrism and that is why they are agitating because they have built a cabal around themselves. People who must determine who goes, people who must determine the fate of Abians, people who says the prayers and others chorus amen. Governor Okezie Ikpeazu said no, this is the end of godfatherrism, I will give it to a man who will now rally round the whole Abians and let Abians determine their fate. That is where we are.”

Saint Moses also claimed that by the time Governor Okezie Ikpeazu beamed the touch light to professor Uchenna Eleazer Ikonne, non of the cabals were present.

“Governor Ikpeazu is not one of the godfathers of Abia state but a mentor, therefore he is saying, what I suffered as governor, I will handover to a man who will not suffer it. A man who will never come under a cabal and a cabal will give him television and hold the remote control. He wants a man who will look at his convenience and proceed without anybody directing him behind.” Saint Moses said.

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Saint Moses also added that those against the Old Aba zone quest are annoyed that they are not part of the formation.

Saint Moses also reminded that the Ukwalangwa Elders Council is urging all the political parties in Abia state to beam their search light to Umunnato because it is their turn. He also maintained that they have supported others zones in the past and they should replicate same gesture.

“Is it out of hatred? Is it out of not believing in us? At a time we rode a part with them, we supported Orji Uzor Kalu, we supported T.A Orji against our own people that were protesting and they won. Why should they not shift now for Umunnato?” Okezie did well more than their two children that has been in government so they should not give us any reason why they should not support us either from PDP, APC, APGA and even YPP.” Saint Moses said.

Dr Max also noted that the Ukwalangwa aspiration is based on the Abia Charter of Equity and it is not for personal interest but begs all the political parties to beam their search light to Umunnato which they have been canvasing for three years now for the next governor of Abia State based on fairness.

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