His Excellency , Ambassador Empire Ndukaku Kanu, Ikoro Ohuhu,
on Friday revealed his blue print of taking maximum number of youths off the streets by engaging them in his fish farm which is getting finishing touches to commence operation.

Ambassador Kanu gave the revelation during the visit of Nigeria’s international soccer star, Samuel Chukwueze, who also plays for Villarreal FC of Spain.

PHOTO: Chukwueze and Ambassador Empire Kanu exchanging pleasantries.

Chukwueze was delighted to meet Ambassador Kanu who is also grounded in the round leader game. Chukwueze expressed joy being with Ambassador Empire Kanu and inspected the ongoing construction of the fish ponds.

PHOTO: Chukwueze shown around Ambassador Kanu’s photo gallery

While been taking around the fishery facility, Amb Kanu explained
the dimension of the fishery project.

PHOTO: Chukwueze and Ambassador Kanu going to inspect the fish pond.

In his words: “We are doing a fishery project to partner with Leilmall, an American Mallasian group which is into mechanized farming.”

PHOTO: part of the fish pond under construction

He also revealed that the high demand for fish prompted his desire to venture into fish farming considering the fact that he has a large space to operate in higher quantity.

“What we have here is a 5000 square metres space to be used for the fish pond. We will be harvesting about one million fish here every two months for local consumption and export purposes.” Amb Kanu revealed.

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Expressing his main purpose of investing into fishery, Amb Kanu said he have been bothered with the level of youth restiveness in Abia state and the country in general.

“With what is happening now, the unknown gunmen, banditry and kidnapping which leaves people in pain and lost of loved ones is as a result of unemployment. With this fish farm, we are going to have over a thousand workers here and that will be a lot of relief for unemployment rate.” He added.

Responding to the question of water plumbing system for the pond and available means of water to constantly supply the pond, Amb Kanu said, ” we don’t have any problem with water because we know fish pond requires lot of water, so, we already have a borehole here which has 750,000ft dept and enough overhead storage facility to store enough water. We even extended water to large part of Ofeme when we were running the empire carpet factory.

“Our main purpose is to export the harvested, we already have a lot of orders from prospective clients. We are going to be dealing with catfish and other species of fish. The ones in demand will be our focus, we have the capacity. Amb Kanu affirmed.

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Speaking about how he acquired the idea of the project, Amb Kalu said “the arrow head of the project is Prof Louis Anugulachi. He is the principal engineer at Obasanjo’s Ota farm, am in partnership with them and Leilmall.”

Ambassador Kalu also revealed that his interest for fishery was ignited when he meet enterprising friends who gave him the idea.

Also responding to how he can manage his time with running the fish farm and the already established Empire sports Academy, Amb Kanu said “the good idea in business is to diversify, one can do three different businesses at a time.”

Ambassador Empire Kanu is a Nigerian former House of Representative member, 1979 -1983, also
Nigerian Ambassador to Argentina, concurrent to Chile, Uruguay and Peru. A chieftain of PDP and Pioneer member Board of Trustees People’s Democratic Party (PDP) 1999.

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