Uluocha Nelcinn a staunch
electroneering engineer of the All Progressive Congress (APC) has decamped to the Young Progressives Party(YPP) in Abia State.

PHOTO: Uluocha Nelcinn

Uluocha was received and welcomed to the party by Comrade Nwoko Uzodinma Emmanuel, the Abia state chairman of YPP and other party faithfuls present at the event.

PHOTO; Uluocha and Comrade Nwoko.

Speaking with newsmen in Umuahia the Abia State Capital on Tuesday, Uluocha stated the reason for dumpling the APC.

“I have been in APC since 2014, am the only electroneering engineer APC has trained by some specialist brought in 2014. Infact, the APC is proud of what I do.” Uluocha hinted.

Uluocha also added that his reason for leaving APC to YPP is as a result of lots of setback he experienced while in the party. He also added that the ideology of APC doesn’t serve what he stands for as a person sighting the Endsars protest as a panacea.

PHOTO: Uluocha filling the YPP membership form and card.

” The period of Endsars was a catalyst to my decision. That was when I denounced the party. Lots of calls came from senators, ministers and some very prominent people begging me to rejoin the Party, but the zeal to leave was very strong.

“It will be a great disservice to my couscience if I don’t join people of like minds.” Uluocha said.

Uluocha also pledged his ability to move the party forward by attracting people of like minds drawn from other prominent political party to YPP.

In his words: “They are going to join us here, we are going to make YPP a force to contend with in the next general election.

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“We can’t keep dinning with the wrong people all the time. The masses are relying on us to take the bold step. We are going to un-root APC. People like us has stood behind them and they had the power to go loud. There are lots of people like myself in APC, PDP and APGA. We are going to discover them, pull them out and put them into strong use. It is going to be a history that the Youths revolted and achieved what they wanted.”

Uluocha however said he has no ambition vying for any political position in the party but focused on the zeal to associate with his generation.

“The primary thing is to be here, this is were I belong. This is just like the Endsars movement. The zeal is to make YPP stronger.”

PHOTO: Uluocha with the party flag alongside YPP faithfuls.

Uluocha also added that “anybody who refuses to join YPP is an enemy of progress. We will vote against the person that refuses to join YPP. They said we are not too young to run.”

Speaking about the governance and developmental pace of Abia State, Uluocha said “Abia has always had it bad since 1999. It is also embarrassing that state like Ebonyi have overtaken and gone ahead of Abia in everything. With YPP, we are going to re-write the wrong. This is now time for them to give us the chance as young people with fresh ideas.

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“Let’s do things differently, Abia hadn’t the best but bad. We don’t want to push it so hard but the governor is doing his best.” Uluocha added.

Comrade Nwoko Uzodinma Emmanuel, the State Chairman of YPP while addressing pressmen expressed delight of having an additional force to the party which he admitted that has been one of the yearnings of the party and also beckoned on others to do so.

PHOTO: Comrade Nwoko Uzodinma Emmanuel, YPP chairman, Abia State Chapter.

In his words: “The door of YPP is wide open for everyone. The party is happy today to identify with a powerful young man who wants to identify with us.”

Comrade Nwoko also added that the time has come for the youths to identify with the party through their local government and wards where ever they are in Abia state.

PHOTO: Uluocha and party executives.

“Whatever ambition they have and if they are true to their call, they are always welcomed to YPP to do something different. We need a political rebirth, the system is bad and corrupt.

“We are ready to take over governance come 2023. We are not going back, we have mapped out every strategy to go about the election and and win.” Comrade Nwoko assured.

PHOTO: Group photo of Uluocha and party faithfuls.

The Young Progressives Party is one of the political parties in Nigeria which wasn’t deregistered by the national National Electoral Commission, INEC after the 2019 general election. Nigeria is gearing up for the 2023 general election.


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