A female student who escaped from the kidnapping activity of unknown gunmen earlier reported to have abducted unspecified number of students of the Abia State University Uturu, which occurred on Wednesday night, May 5, narrated how two persons escaped.

The students who escaped, recounted the incident in a voice message made available to AF-NEWS, obtained by candidreporters.com.

Below is the unedited transcript of the female student’s voice);

In her words: “Yesterday evening around 7:55, almost 8 0’clock I wanted to go to town, my gen wasn’t okay, my phone was very down so I said let me go to town and chill.

“There’s one guy they use to call Chris that makes hair at up-gate, so the guy bought new car, this Sienna car. So we just saw the guy and we said ok since you are going to town, carry us. The guy was like you people will pay me oo (jokingly) so we were like, just carry us.

“The guy now carried us. I’ve not even entered, I went to greet someone, as I went to great the person, the guy was like he was going ooo, so, you know UG nau, aunty UG that treats your wig, like I’ve seen you treating wig there, this fair UG close to ‘Tallest’ at up-gate, so she was the one that entered, she replaced me.

“As she entered, I now said nna eh aunty UG have entered, let me wait for bus. She was like ‘ngwa’ come let me shift for you so you’ll enter, I now said okay no problem, she now shifted for me inside they were like 6 guys, we were 6,7,8,9.

“ We were total 9 in that Sienna we started moving, passed checkpoint, just reaching one MTN billboard that perm sec side, that small small road corner that there are so many potholes that you need to cool down to drive through that place.

“Nna I was there ooo, Chuks , his hands are not strong yet, he is still learning how to drive. As the guy was moving , approaching that side, see like I don’t know if they are ten or more than ten people that just came out there, cracked gun as in we saw them, I now told Chris reverse this car. UG was now telling him to hit them. For him to hit them, he swerved off and fell into the gutter as in that place, had it been there was no tree there, we would have somersaulted but as the car wanted to go up, that cashew tree now wedged it, the car now bent there.

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“This people now used speed entered there. You know how Sienna used to do nau, if there is a force all the doors will automatically lock. It wont open to after like an hour or so.

We tried to open door to escape we could not open door, we fought to open door but we could not open door. They now came, now said we should come out, we started begging them, they carry knife hit the car, like broke the louvers, we came out from the louvers nau.

“The man carried UG inside the bush, Chuks now entered inside the car, me it was my turn oo for him to carry me nau, I just fell down. So as I fell down, I now started crying, I now laid down on the floor there.

I now started telling the man oga please if you want to kill me, we’ve offered our phones, we’ve offered them the money we had, they don’t want to collect anything. I said oga if you want to kill me, kill me where people are so they will see my dead body, the man said what is it? I now started shouting, oga you cannot, the man said that he will just stab me here, I now told him oga its better you kill me where people are than you taking me inside that bush. I told the man I no fit enter the bush, we think say na joke ooo, the man now told me get out form here, get out from here, stupid Igbo girl. Nna, na so I start to dey run yesterday night ooo, as in eeh running running, saw this ndi nche people(vigilante) and everything, before they could come and save aunty UG and other people, dey don already enter bush.

“ So this morning (Thursday) as I was coming back, I called aunty UG on phone, her phone was ringing. I said these people dey no collect her phone? She now picked call, I told her aunty UG where are you? She told me that as of 4:30 this morning, they were still trekking inside bush. That this people took them inside deep bush, that they told them that they will watch cows step on their intestines, that they will kill them and publish it online. Like they told them that they are going to kill them, that cows will step on them, then they will video it and publish online.

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“UG said she don already give up say she don die. Okay, she was begging nau, they told them to shut up. As the men now fell asleep, as the men slept they started running, because they didn’t collect phone, they said they don’t want anything so they now used their phone and made torch, now started running.

“She said that from that bush, the place they had to run out was Garki. Garki, one slaughter is along Enugu road, like you don already pass anything about Okigwe, you don pass anything about Abia state.

After Garki the next bill board you’ll get is welcome to Enugu and they said they were going to take them round the bush till they reach where they were going to kill them. She told me that now she is on bike to her house, she was even crying that I needed to see her body, that her body is damaged I told her is okay. That was how we went yesterday” the escaped student narrated.

Meanwhile, the vice chancellor of Abia State University, Uturu, Professor Maxwell Ogbulu says the University management is working tirelessly with security Agencies.

The Vice Chancellor disclosed this while briefing newsmen on the development in Umuahia said immediately the institution’s management got the report, security operatives were alerted and swung into action to ensure the safe return of the student adding that other ABSU students around the scene escaped unhurt while one student was taken into captivity by the hoodlums.

Prof Ogbulu urged parents/guardians with children/wards in the institution not to panic but remain calm as the security of lives of ABSU students remains paramount to the university management and revealed that extra security measures have been put in place to ensure adequate protection of lives and property in and around the university.

As part of measures to avert a reoccurrence of the ugly incident, the Vice Chancellor announced that the university management has adjusted lecture periods to hold from 9am to 4pm to enable students go back to their places of abode on time and advised students to always strive to observe security tips and avoid traveling at odd hours. He disclosed that the adjusted timetable will be implemented strictly.

Professor Ogbulu reassuered of the university management’s tireless collaboration with the state government and security agencies to ensure the safe return of the only ABSU student still with the abductors.

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