The Livelihood Improvement Family Enterprises-Niger Delta (LIFE-ND) Project in Umuahia, Abia state on Friday held a capacity building training for stakeholders in the communities where the agro program is currently going on.

The training, refered to as Commodity Apex Development Association(CADA) was held at the Abia LIFE-ND operating office in Umuahia.

PHOTO: Training section

According to the State Project Coordinator (SPC), Uchenna Rowland Onyeizu PhD, the event is a rural capacity training gathering meant to strengthen some of the rural institutions of the LIFE-ND project.

PHOTO: Uchenna Rowland Onyeizu PhD, State Project Coordinator (SPC),

“The whole aim is that as the project exit, we are expected to hand over most of our liabilities and activities to the community so that they will continue from where we stop and probably the government will then be doing an oversight from where we stop. Today we have trained them on group management, management of their resources and over seeing of the project”. Dr Onyeizu said.

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PHOTO:: Training section with Dr Uchenna Rowland Onyeizu (SPC)

The LIFE-ND agro training program which is currently active in 52 communities in Abia state is designed to reach all the communities in batches with five executives stationed in each of the community. The training is scheduled to run in 11 communities per batch.

The Rural Instruction Youth And Gender Officer, Mr Anthony Nwaobilor also gave further insight of the CADA training.

Photo: Anthony Nwaobilor, Rural Instruction Youth And Gender Officer,

According to Nwaobilor, CADA is an
amalgamation of all farmers organization in the various communities with LIFE-ND presence.

During the training, experiences were shared, questions were asked while practical answers and solutions were provided.

Chidera Joyce Ojimadu trained at Imeafor Oil Palm Mill, from Umuokorodo, Umuahia South local government area of Abia state is one of the participants of the training. She said the CADA is already formed in her community. She also noted that the instructors of the training clearly stated that they will be the ones to continue in the monitoring of the project in their community.

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PHOTO:Chidera Joyce Ojimadu

“We are to ensure that the loans given to the beneficiaries of the project is returned to the project because it is not a private money but public fund which will still be extended to others.” Chidera said.

Ezikiel John Enyeribe from Umunna Nvosi, Isiala Ngwa South, the chairperson of CADA, said the training has exposed various area they are supposed to be active in other to ensure that the vision of the project doesn’t face extinction.

PHOTO: Ezikiel John Enyeribe

“CADA has been formed to maintain sustainability of the project” Ezikiel added.

The LIFE-ND Project is being funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development(IFAD). The project is ongoing in the nine Niger-Delta States.

Also involved in the project are the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, The Federal Ministry of Finance, budget and National Planning, and the United Nations.

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