The Livelihood Improvement Family Enterprises-Niger Delta (LIFE-ND) Project in Umuahia, Abia state on Tuesday distributed poultry equipment to beneficiaries of the agro Project.

The gifted poultry equipment are feeders, drinkers and coal pots.

PHOTO: Feeders,drinkers and coal pots.

According to the state project coordinator(SPC), Uchenna Rowland Onyeizu PhD, the beneficiaries of the poultry equipment are those enlisted in the training project who were alerted to be prepared to have their own facility to start the agro business but unfortunately were not prepared as the coordinators of the project intervened.

PHOTO: State project coordinator(SPC), Uchenna Rowland Onyeizu PhD.

According to Dr Onyeizu, all beneficiaries in the first batch are not expected to benefit from the poultry equipment distribution because it is “based on case by case” and they were informed to make efforts Incase they get support with inputs.

“But we observed as a project that most of them were not prepared in terms of having their own facilities that will be used to continue their businesses as independent persons.

“The project’ plan was to also renovate some dilapidated buildings they own for the use of poultry production as well as providing inputs like feeder, drinkers and coal pot for start-up as additional support for the incubatees”Dr Onyeizu said.

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Dr Onyeizu also revealed that some agitators were also considered to be included in the project. Some of these agitators are those who applied in the first batch but left out for obvious reasons but considered to be included. Some of these agitators are Niger-Delta ex-militants.

“As a project we decided to give them some space and include them because they have shown remorse and they are ready to build some level of capacity and begin businesses that will make them responsible in the society. We have three of them we are empowering.” Dr Onyeizu said.

An agitator, Ifeanyi Godwin from Ugwunagbo local government area of Abia state expressed satisfaction for being considered to be part of the project. Ifeanyi said he was trained on poultry production at Nwangaga Farms in Abia state.

PHOTO: Ifeanyi Godwin, agitator beneficiary LIFE-ND.

“You can see that I have come to receive the equipment so that I can go back and start up my business as a beginner and hope to become an incubator in the future. I promised not to go back to the life of a Niger-Delta agitator, am now a business man.” Ifeanyi Godwin said.

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Anyamele Jane from Obingwa local government area of Abia state also expressed joy receiving her poultry start-up equipment.

PHOTO: Anyamele Jane, Abia LIFE-ND beneficiary

“I am very happy today, I thought it was a joke, now I know it is real, I can now start my own agro business, I thank LIFE-ND and IFAD for this opportunity”. Anyamele said.

The handover of the poultry equipments was done by Chukwuekezie Godwin, the Agric Business Promotion Officer of Abia LIFE-ND accompanied by other member staff at LIFE-ND Abia coordinating office. During the Handover, he urged the beneficiaries to use the equipment wisely since it is an infrastructural support given to them. He also said the beneficiaries who has done proper documentation as requested will also receive their feeds and birds on yet to be announced date.

PHOTO: Chukwuekezie Godwin, the Agric Business Promotion Officer of Abia LIFE-ND accompanied by other staff at LIFE-ND Abia coordinating office.

“The feeds and the birds will be supplied to you in inputs supply arrangement. First, you will receive broiler and starter, you then get your day old chicks, subsequently you get your broiler finisher in that order”. Chukwuekezie said.

PHOTO: LIFE-ND Beneficiaries of the poultry equipment.
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