Sonny Iroche a pioneer of the agenda of the Abia League of Professionals Initiative (ALPI)has criticized the Senate Chief Whip, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, and Senator Theodore Orji over their position on the vote for the use of electronic transmission of result for the 2023 general election in Nigeria.

ALPI had earlier written query letters to Senators Orji Kalu and Theodore Orji, over their voting pattern on the recently passed electoral amendment bill by the National Assembly.

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu represents Abia North while Senator Theodore Orji Represents Abia Central at the red chambers. Both are former governors of Abia State.

PHOTO: Senator Orji Uzor Kalu(left) , Senator Theodore Orji (right)

Iroche, a Lagos and Abuja based seasoned Financial & Infrastructure Consultant gave this latest position of the group on Wednesday while responding to a live interview on AriseTV Morning Show, drumming a possible move for recalling the Senators.

PHOTO: Sunny Iroche

While responding to the question if the group, Abia League of Professionals Initiative,(ALPI) non-Governmental Organization (NGO) initiative will recall it’s senators over their voting pattern on the recently passed electoral amendment bill by the National Assembly and if the Abia League of Professionals is faceless as alleged by one of the Senators from the southeast.

Iroche in his reply affirmed that as a group they have prominent Abians as members, thus, not faceless as said.

” We have also deliberated and debated on the best line of action to take regarding the proxy reply of Senator Orji. To be fair to the senator, he did not append his name to it(the letter replied to the group), to the extent the political jobber supposedly who wrote on his behalf said that the Senator was commissioning a project somewhere in his constituency, that was the reason the writer gave, for his absence during the voting day.

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“We will not dignify him with the response(the replied letter to the group) because it didn’t come directly from our senator who is our staff, because we employed Senator Orji to work for us at the Senate. We are yet to hear from him, we are expecting him as a gentleman to reply the letter we wrote to him just as Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe did.” Iroche said.

While responding to the response of Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, Iroche said: “I ditto Senator Orji Uzor kalu, for him to give the reason.
It is like a forward contract, “that we don’t have GSM network in Igbere.” Orji Uzor Kalu is not the only Abian from Igbere, there are a lot of our members who are from there and who knows that there’s network there. Let’s assume we don’t have, can’t you (Uzor Kalu) work with Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) to role their 3G and 4G to Igbere? Iroche asked.

Iroche also made a case for NCC to deploy or direct network providers to the hinterlands in line with central bank directives that banks should be brought to the people at the grassroot level.

“If NCC thinks this is not so, let them now tell their operators to role out their 3G or 4G to Igbere and to all nukes and crannies of Nigeria.

“Senator kalu uses his phone from his home town, he does his bank transactions from his village, so how come when it comes to transmitting of election results? What’s wrong with the modern transmitting of results. We all watch Biden beat Trump. Why can’t we embrace best practices in the world? Iroche asked.

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Iroche suggested a way of checkmating Senators for them to be accountable for their services.

“When a senator absconds from his duty, maybe Nigerians should demand from our senators and representatives that their pay should be like a sitting fee. If you don’t sit in the Senate chambers for that day, then you won’t be paid for that day. It should be pay as you serve. Maybe Theodore Orji’s should not be telling us that on that day he was busy commissioning a project when such a vital issue was at play in the National Assembly.”Iroche added.

Iroche however concluded that Senator Orji Uzor Kalu hasn’t responded to his employers on the matter.

On national issues Iroche said “Nigeria has never been so politicized like this before and it needs a leader who can unite the country.”

He also advocates a leader from the southeastern part of Nigeria who will work with people all over county.

The group, which was established with the aim to contribute to the socio-economic development of Abia State, in a letter addressed to Senator Kalu demanded an explanation from him on the reasons he voted against the electronic transmission of results provisions as contained in the electoral act amendment bill, 2021 in Senate.

Similarly, the group in its letter addressed to Orji asked him to explain why he absented himself from the Senate “on a day that he was aware that such a crucial decision was to be taken.”

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