The only thing worst than being blind is having sight with no vision is the popular words of Helen Keller.

Lotus Initiative for the Blind has demonstrated a rare vision beyond normal for Nigeria and the world at large as they carried out a two day free medical outreach in Umuobiala Civic Centre, Isiukwato Local Government Area of Abia State on 5th and 6th of April, 2021.

Community services such as this is no longer news to the Foundation but a replica of what is done in other parts of the world brought home by an Isiukwuato philanthropist in diaspora, Dr. Chris Nwanoro.

The foundation under the able leadership of Dr. Nwanoro specializes in lifting people from any form of physical challenge, empowerment, employment among others.

This time, they came with free medical out reach including: consultation, eye care services, distribution of 300 medicated eye glasses, general body checkups and drug distribution.

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About 400 people turned up for this event and were successfully attended to, the testimonies abound.

In an open remark, the Chairman, National Association of the Blind, Abia state chapter, Mr. Wisdom Kalu Okechukwu while commending the good works of Nwanoro admitted that if it was possible for the philanthropist to prevent people from going blind, he would have done that.

Speaking during the event, Chief Jerry Chukwu, a special guest at the program affirmed that disability is not a barrier for any one not to attain desired heights in life. He charged Dr. Nwanoro never to relent in his good works but to push further.

Nkechinyere Uzo Igwe applauded the initiative and encouraged those with physical challenges to see Nwanoro as their role model in order to sumount any form of disability.

Earlier, Agbeze Jenifer Ngozi who was amazed at the kind gesture of Nwanoro stressed that not every finance God gives one belongs to him, she maintained that some of them are given to assist others while calling on well meaning Nigerians and Abians to answer the clarion call.

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The beneficiaries in their numbers sang praises to God for such a miracle hitherto expected and prayed God’s blessing on Dr. Nwanoro.

In a vote of thanks, the President General, Umuobiala Development Union, Chief Peter Onozie on behalf of the community appreciated team members of LIB and Dr. Nwanoro for the selfless service.

As reflected in the words of Mgborogwu Patricia Ugochi, “Assisting others triumph in what you suffered from is one of the greatest foot prints one can leave in the hearts of people that cannot be erased by anyone.” The clarion call is for all hands to be on deck to make the world a better place and the time to do it is now.

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