Dr Max Nduaguibe and Saint Moses Ogbonna, both elders from Ukwalangwa, Old Aba Zone of Abia state has hinted on the need to have equal power rotation as regards the seat of the governor in Abia State.

Dr Max Nduaguibe the leader of Ukwalangwa Elders Council is also political science and law teacher while Saint Moses Ogbonna is the former publicity secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) Abia state chapter.

PHOTO: Dr Max Nduaguibe, leader of Ukwalangwa Elders Council

Both were live on flo-fm 94.9 political program on Wednesday to champion their quest for equity for Old Aba Zone.

Dr Max affirmed that he still maintain his position on the agitation for power to shift to the Ukwalangwa adding that there’s no getting tired on the issue.

Speaking further about the quest for power to remain in his zone, Dr Max stated that those who are against the agitation are cheats. He also added that “power rotation in the zone is necessary and desirable because it creates harmony, brotherly-ness and togetherness” in order to avert problem in the state.

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In his words: “I don’t see why something that belongs to both of us, they you took 16 and give me 8. It doesn’t makes sense in anyway. Those who are against this agitation are not honest to themselves. They are cheats and people who are greedy with powers.” Dr Max said.

Saint Moses Ogbonna in his opinion said those against their cause are the ones agitating because they set the pace of power rotation in Abia State.

“It is them that is making agitation. They are the people who set the pace of power flow. Rolling it from Abia north, Abia Central and now to Abia south and they pass it to Abia central, they are agitating. Instead of rolling it to Abia central Umunnato, they are agitating.

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Saint Moses also holds the position that “the Abia north people wants to derail the cause of justice. They are making agitation but they will soon be tired.”

Dr Max also added that the Abia Charter of Equity also made it clear that you cannot take everything. “If you have the governor here, the duputy governor should come from the other side, if you have the secretary of the governor here, the speaker should come from the other side. It is not a winner take all thing. So we appeal to their sense of understanding, we appeal to their sense of reasoning. If you have done 16 years, so allow me to do 16 years.”

Both insisted that the Abia “Charter of Equity”should be maintained for justice and fairness in Abia State.

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