An opinion post by Jaja-Martins-King Jaja, a Facebook user and a political commentator has it that governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia state has anointed Prof Eleazer Ikonne.

The Facebook opinion post reads:

“It is no longer debatable that governor Ikpeazu is looking the way of Abia Central Senatorial District in the choice of who succeeds him. Every sincere person in the state will agree with me that it is traditional in modern power play for the governor to flash the torch light. Nothing is wrong with it. On a very candid note, he should be given a chance to recommend his successor. That is fair in all standards.

“The most important of all these is not where the governor recommends his successor from. Abians are more concerned about the personality of the one he has anointed. He must put a number of factors into consideration. Some of those factors will curry support for him and his prospective successor.

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“Abia State and leadership of today require an astute leader who is not only youthful but boasts of savvy of competence in modern ICT and ease of doing business. It therefore suggests that the governor must root for a new generation leader below the age of 55 years, whose zest and vitality would guarantee steady presence and effective leadership.

“If feelers about the governor annointing Prof. Eleazer IKONNE as his successor is anything to go by, then, Abia State must be in for challenging times. The situation of our state does require the pace of a man of 70 years+.

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“We appreciate that the fact that the governor has done well in certain sectors in the state. The truth remains that there are a lot of things and situations in the state that demand serious attention. It remains to be understood if the storms of such situations can be weathered by a man who should by well seated in his retirement. We cannot cheat nature. A man of IKONNE’s age and advancement ought to assume the responsibility of an elder statesman, if selflessness rules in our clime.

“Abia State is in dire need of a young leader, even much younger than Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu.”

PHOTO:Jaja-Martins-King Jaja

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